Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Peace (Part 1)

April 11, 2022 |

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Yogi Bhajan have 4 important pillars in which he developed his entire mission in this planet, one of them was creating awareness about peace and humanity

You can vibrate peace, you can project peace. One mind is a part of the universal mind. Even one soul can tune in and you can change the times

We are warriors—our war is for peace. We want to break all the barriers, all the fears and we want to break all this bigness and smallness. I remember the word of Nanak, “The higher you are, the more humble you should be, otherwise you have not found the truth,” So I welcome you from my heart, and I honestly believe that you will work together and make this world a better place for humanity.

Peace has a price—the head and heart of all of us. Let us pray.

Live well in your inner peace, in your inner strength. And when you feel weak, call on your soul, your friend. To start, sit down, and breathe one breath per minute. In exactly thirty seconds your soul will start communicating with you.

Peace is love, love is God, God is life, and you got to do it. One planet, one humanity, one mankind, one God.

What I am asking is for peace of the Earth and from the planet. Just remember we live on the Earth and we call it Mother Earth for its purity and piety and for peace of the mankind so that we all can enjoy. Please fold your hands and go in a prayer for peace. Please do your own prayer to your own God or own belief and invoke the powers that there be peace on the Earth, peace of heart, peace of mind and peace for mankind. Bless the environments and Mother Earth and the institution which we live in and we believe in and our faith and our family, our children and our future. May God give us so much peaceful mind and tranquil behavior that we can deal with our life in a healthy, happy and a very holy way.

We have to pray for peace. I know one secret: prayer is the power and it is a very virtuous and graceful power. Love those who hate you, be compassionate to those who are uncompassionate, bless those who slander you, and walk on this Earth in the light of God.

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