Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Prayer (Part 2)

October 19, 2021 |

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Prayer can penetrate to the very heart of God.

What are the four powers in prayer? The first prayer is of the mother. The second prayer is of the beloved. The third prayer is of the Self; and the fourth prayer is that of the Spiritual Teacher. These are the four prayers and the four realms in which they are very effective. 

It is useless to ask in prayer, “Give me a car.” That’s not prayer. That is projecting a desire. Don’t ask it. Just say, “God, God, God.” I mean, if God doesn’t know what you need, who knows?

If your word does not mean anything, your prayer does not mean anything either.

There is no power in the head. It is all in the heart. God gave you a head to give it to God. God gave you a heart to live. Head is for God. Heart is for you. Whosoever lives with a head lo God and heart to the self, his or her prayer is complete.
–KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 2 Conscious Communication 

Head is a computer. Heart has the power of 108 suns. Heart center is the strongest of all centers. Whenever you pray with the head, it will take so long—you have to go through the intellect, thought, circumstance, environment, space and time. Whenever you sing or pray from the heart, it will be timeless, space-less and absolutely effective.

If you never speak in anger and always speak in prayer, in ninety days your words can create exactly what you are saying. When you speak, it shall happen.

Prayer is the ray of the soul.

Your spiritual name is your designated destiny, your heavenly identity. That’s all it is. You may or may not live to it, but it is your guiding force. And it’s a prayer. It’s a prayer in the other man’s word. What is prayer? It is a calling. And you answer the calling. You get uplifted. It’s a plus. It’s a way of receiving people’s blessings.

What do we do when we are in trouble? We start praying. When we are not in trouble, who cares? Our prayers are seasonal; so are our moods, so is our temperament, so is our life. But, in this human life—which averages these days 65 to 75 years—prayer is the power. One who can do the prayer can be very powerful because prayer makes all the elements serve that person. All elements, gifts will come to that person and whosoever will give to that person will be gifted a hundred fold, a thousand fold. That is also the beauty of it.

There is no damage so serious, even though it is to the point of insanity, which cannot be erased by the power of prayer.

Your prayers are not answered because you do not know the projection of the prayer. How do you pray? God is over some sky or in San Diego somewhere. Then you pray to Him or to Her, whatever the case is. Actually, prayer is always to the rhythmic beat of the heart from inside. That’s prayer. Any prayer outside is a waste of time, and a misleading religious practice. Prayer is not done to somebody. That’s why mostly your prayers don’t work. It is not your fault. You have never been told how to pray.
-KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 2 Conscious Communication 

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