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June 7, 2021 |

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Let your children be and give them basic spiritual values. Deal with their spirit. Uplift, keep up, and give them faith. That is the most positive thing they need.
-KRI Level 2 Lifecycles and Lifestyles

You have no right to tell the child what to do. The child has the right to know what is good and what is bad. If you teach the child good and bad, the child will never leave you.

Fight with the negativity and bring the victory so that your children of tomorrow can be proud of you, can be at peace with you, can remember you with reverence and love.

In childhood we have to be taught about life and justice. 

A child who will be able to confront and exalt their mind and feelings will only develop where the mother and father have talked in unisonness. Otherwise, we will produce children who will escape and run.

Just bring the children along to sadhana and put them in your lap to sleep. The idea is to keep them in sadhana to live in those vibrations. The idea is not that they should lead the sadhana.
-Beads of Truth, June 1974

You don’t tell your children how you listened to your spiritual teacher, who you were, what you went through, how you confronted and focused everything, and how you excelled and succeeded. If you don’t share your own life story with your own child, you are lying to that child.

If you want to give your son or your daughter strength, the only thing you can give them is your experience as divine. They can look to you as divine—the feeling, the urge, the reality.

We are asking that for those forty days the mother and child be together so that creativity and values can be established. From the 120th day in the womb to those forty days from birth, the entire character and values of the child are built. 

Whatever character the mother gives to the child in the first three years becomes his or her first fundamental permanent foundation of character. 2/10/93

Create a story when you want to guide a child. Children love tales of the unknown. They enjoy it, so add to their joy. The child will love it.
-KRI Level 2 Lifecycles and Lifestyles

If you treat a son as a son today, it is the biggest mistake you can commit. But if you treat your son today that by his own right and grace, he is a man of tomorrow and affectionately facilitate his development, that’s the best you can do.

We use our children for security. Then our children use us for security, and life is a mess. Give children their own security: Truth and God.
8/5&6, 1978

One of the kriyas which a pregnant woman can do with her husband is to walk together doing what is call “Charan Jaap.” It is a walking meditation. On the left foot the woman chants “Sat Nam,” while the man chants “Wahe Guru” on the right. They walk like this together for four to five miles. You will see children of such parents are very calm, very quiet, very smiling. They are not crying. They are absolutely contained.

For one moment in each day, you must deal with the child at his or her level. Come down to the level of the child to deal with him. Parents must be parents all the time, but you must become children one time in twenty-four hours.

You never say to a child, “Please.” You never call a child by his full name. You never treat him or her like a person. You just treat them like puppies and you expect them to learn how to live. Impossible.

When a girl is from seven lo eleven years old, she must have the strength and security and trust of a man—and that is the father. And when the father is unknown, then she must trust God.

First seven years the consciousness of the child is the responsibility of the parents. After eleven years the standard of intelligence is a responsibility of teachers. At eighteenth year parents must withdraw. The man must walk. The bird must fly. It must have his wings.

Your one touch to a child can give that child the strength to excel. Your one denial can totally make that child nothing forever. That is how powerful you are.

A child is born to you to help him face his karma in this life. A child is not your ego; not a pet dog in the house; not a substitute for love. A child has nothing to do with that. A child is born to you so that you can prepare him to face time unto Infinity.
-The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan—the Power of the Spoken Word

Every child is born as karma to parents, but also every child is born as karma to himself or herself. In between, a person has to develop, grow and become free.
Women’s Camp, 1977

What can you give to your child except the values of self-justice, self-identity and self-sovereignty? A child must be told in a practical way how to behave and must be treated to be self-sovereign. Otherwise you are absolutely not giving self-respect to that child. 

Children are full-fledged people with high potency antennae which record every vibration within their vicinity completely and very deeply. 

What a mother teaches a child in the womb cannot be learned on the Earth. That’s why I ask you just to meditate after 120 days of pregnancy. Soul has entered. Walk and meditate – Charan Japa Kriya.

The greatest thing I was taught is that I have a complete, full, isolated but sovereign identity. That only your mother can give you. You can’t get that in any other way. Your sovereignty can only be given lo you as a child by your mother, by identifying you as a complete, total individual. And what you call grit.

From the seventh year to the eleventh year, the father is the strength and the ability needed. After the eleventh year, you can’t do anything to the child. Forget it. It is over with. There is nothing more to it.

During the months of pregnancy, a woman is required to be in circumstances which are very secure, respectable, and comfortable, and in which she can have a lot of understanding around her.
The Ancient Art of Self-Healing

Just speak the truth for the sake of your children, so that they can understand that there is a truth. That is Sat Nam. Give them the true identity of themselves, and you will have angels on this Earth.
8/5&6, 1978

We always know how to raise the rose bush, but we have never tried to study how to raise our children. Our children are actually raised within those nine months of pregnancy and development. Those are very important days of life of the child.
-The Ancient Art of Self-Healing

You have never accepted a child as a God-given student. You accept the child as your possession. That’s your mistake.

People who cater to children will always lose them. Because you are not giving values, you expand the ego to such an extent that there is nothing to stop it. Then life is destructive and the first thing such a child will do is to disobey the parents and leave the home.
-KRI Level 2 Lifecycles and Lifestyles

You never gave the child his place, his discipline, his value. And then you blame your children because they are not in a position to make something of their lives. How many of you sat with your one-year-old child in your lap, and through the power of your meditation put that child to sleep?

Within the realm of your belly, your pregnancy, you can totally transform the soul. The soul is pure and has nothing to do, but the subtle body carries the karma of the previous life. A mother can totally purify the subtle body of the new child.
-Women’s Camp 1976

The strength of the identity is given to you by your father. And it is all done in the first eleven years. Afterwards, anything said or done and taught is useless. Anything thereafter is a matter of knowledge; the base is already built.

On the 120th day, we give women a blessing and tell them to meditate more, and look toward God, so that they may have very calm, quiet, intelligent, self-creative children.
-Women’s Camp 1979

When you cater to the child, you are trying to cover up something, and the child has the super-psychic power to see behind it. The moment he uncovers you, he will not respect you. Therefore, it is your duty to be straight with your own child. 
8/5&6, 1978

He was inside where he was warm, cozy, and well contained. He came out and now he needs that touch, that feeling, that oneness within the nine feet of your aura. You must stick with him for forty days.
-Women’s Camp, NM, 1989

For two years you and your husband must keep the child near the breast and the chest as the most darling God born in innocence to two people who believed in love.
-Women’s Camp, NM, 1989

Those parents who have not given their children their spiritual values which they learned after such a hard labor have actually failed their own children.

I have seen a noble mother becoming a possessive monster and ruining the future of her children because of her social, psychological, and personal handicaps.

If you have to raise children by the television program, then marry the television.

Whatever you give physically, electromagnetically, through your communication, your vibration, your mental thoughts, from the day of conception to the 120th day to delivery—that is the foundation of the child.

No child can reach his/her destiny and grace and greatness if the mother rejects the child no matter the age or circumstances.

We cannot raise children in the Age of Aquarius as properties. We cannot fence them, but we can teach them defense. We have to teach them how they have to face tomorrow, what is the realism in life and what is the temptation, what is the truth in life and what are the lies, what is the attachment in life and what is the freedom in life.

When a mother is pregnant, the kind of soul she can accept depends on her mental attitude.
-Women’s Camp 1976

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