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January 31, 2021 |

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What is a meditative mind? With all the pressure on your mind of this whole world, you keep yourself calm.

If a human can agree to one thing—that this planet moves and rotates by the will of God and God is conscious enough to take care of human routines—all troubles will be no troubles at all.

My request to you is, do not let your calmness go. Do not let your peace of mind go. Be with the Guru through this time. It is very essential at this time. Your spirit shall be content.

We worry for relationship, we worry for tomorrow, we worry for yesterday, we worry for right and wrong; we worry for million things! There is one thing we never worry for. We never get up in the morning and ask our soul, “Are you with me?”

Strength of mind is a strength which is very, very divine and it can free you from any kind of worry.

The majority of the world is living in fear. Nobody knows what is happening. There’s too much information available to process. That is not the way. Just feel, within yourself, content and satisfied, peaceful and unique.

Remember, there are a lot of weaknesses in us which we have to conquer. But while conquering those weaknesses, we have to inspire others. So it is my personal appeal to you to stay calm, stay quiet and work hard towards achieving this end. 

Quality of the mind is, it should remain calm amidst the emotions; that is meditative mind.

Question is, in the face of calamity can you stay calm? In the state of passion can you understand? Is action and reaction your way of life or do you have resurrection? 

Worry makes you worry more. Worry is an ingrown self-conflicting process of life which is endless. If it is true that the Creator of this creation takes care of everything, if this is true, then where is the worry? 

When we don’t have endurance and we can’t face a situation, we have two alternatives—either to freak out, or to not communicate and lie. People who freak out don’t freak out because they want to freak out. People freak out because they do not have the character to keep going.

Sometimes you get so happy, you laugh and you get a heart attack. Sometimes you are so depressed that you get a heart attack. Stay calm. When you are happy, stay calm. When you are unhappy, stay calm.

We need to be calm. But if there is over acidity in our body we can never be calm. It is not the faculty of the acidity in body to let you be calm.

The infinite energy in the cosmos must come to you in the finite body to keep you going. You remain calm in un-calm circumstances. You remain calm in the most anger provoking circumstances. You remain calm in disturbed circumstances. You are helpful and useful in the most devastating circumstances. You do not lose your cool with any provocation. It is the self-control of all the energy you can possess. It’s all the victory you can enjoy.

What is your strength? Sobriety. Being sober against provocation. That’s the test: you are sober when everything is provocative, nuisance, and attacking. You remain calm and quiet and nothing touches you. That beauty is the beauty of your soul. That beauty is the beauty of your strength of your inner being.

Freaking out is nothing but ‘freak is out.’ If the freak is in, he will become something. Somebody said to me, “Sir, I am freaking out.” I said, “Sir, freak in.” There is nothing in freaking out. “I want to freak out.” I said, “All right, freak out for two, three hours then ‘freak in’ for five, six hours.”

Sometimes you become emotional. Sometimes you become weak. Sometimes you are angry. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. It is that calmness and quietness and harmony in you which will actually make you bright and beautiful. Youth will go away and old age will come. You need that strength—the very inner calmness.

Whenever you miss your Kundalini Yoga, you will do your freak out. Do your Kundalini Yoga and you will ‘freak in.’ Life is hanging in the pendulum of a freak.

You are only free when you are above time and space. When you are afraid of what will happen tomorrow, you are not living. You are just dragging. That is how it is.

Stress is not from any outside quarter. Stress is when an outside pressure is not matched and overcome by your inside intelligence.

Man is not made to change under pressure, period. Man is made to surmount time and space. Pressure is time and space. You know it’s just very cloudy, it’s very dark, but once you take a plane and go above these clouds, you see there is beautiful sunshine; there is a different planet. So you have to have a mind which knows to go above time and space.

You have to develop your strength to face your world. You must be in a position to understand what the pressures are. If the pressure is on you and your flexibility and your springs do not give you resurrection to go above it, you will be facing a storm of life. That’s how the majority of people at this moment are going through this change. 

Stress fades away your judgment. Under stress you are not competent to perform. 

We do not cultivate tranquility. There is no space, no stress-free zone. You do not know the beauty of being stress-free. It is marvelous. It is the highest richness you can touch. 
Vitality and Stress Manual

When you are stress-free, you become God. 
Vitality and Stress Manual

Where there is anxiety, uncertainty, and challenge, self must compute the relevance of the entire thing, and then not stop there—that’s the most important thing. Self must give you the answer—how to overcome time and space. 

The creative intelligence in you is always there. If you don’t do your Sadhana, you fall apart. Why? Because of the imbalance in your glandular and nervous systems, and in your circulatory impurities, when you do not have all the elementary balance. Everything else falls apart and you are not in a position to cope with the work. You end up with stress.

To have energy and to contain it and to maintain it is the act of a saint. That is how a human becomes a saint. Otherwise your own energy will become your own destruction. You have to remain stress-free and to do that you must subject yourself to a point of order. You have to understand and confront the fact that the stress you are causing to yourself dumps you deeper and deeper into not knowing your Self.
Vitality and Stress Manual

In the future, stress will become a disease of modern times which shall eat every person. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are. The fatality of stress will become more than cancer and heart failure. The fact is, the basic disease is stress. 
Vitality and Stress Manual 

A life of stress is faced by those who forget living, and start hassling. When you are just living, there is no stress because you live as breath comes in.

Between you and living life, the link is breath. If you can regulate your breath, you can always overcome the circumstances which are overpowering you. You control your breath, you can overpower the pressure, because pressure is causing a certain amount of inlet of air, for a certain amount of inlet of time. Breath is the only automatic which responds to stress and strain, relaxation and enjoyment. You take care of it, take it off the automatic, you’ll beat it. It’s the simplest law.

We are not educated or trained to answer under pressure. We are not educated or trained to have stainless steel nerves. We give in to stress. The problem is very simple. The answer is also simple. If you don’t give in to your Self and there is a stress, then you cannot meet the stress. You are not you…There is a gap. Then, in reaction, you have to make that gap up, you have to cover up. That is dead painful—that gap from your Self. 

The real game is for you to make your mind follow you, so you can become a sage. If you choose instead to follow your mind, it will make you crazy and weak. In this game, mastery is the goal and your main enemy is stress. When you are under stress you begin to lose your mind slowly, to a very polite degree. Your mind starts to wander on its own. It looks elsewhere for shelter and hope. It looks into your subconscious and pulls out of it every memory and every fragment of intentions and actions left incomplete in your life. You begin to live in the past. You do not act in the present but according to overlays from your past. 
–The Mind book

Spiritual path is the most delicate path. It is a path of those who know no time, because spiritual path enables you to go above time and space. When you are subject to time and space, you are just insane. You can never be happy because the pressure of time and space shall not let you be happy. You have to pull your head above time and space. That is why it is very essential to do Sadhana in the morning, so that you have yourself totally tuned up.

Man under stress is his own enemy.


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