Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Tantric Numerology & the Ten Bodies (Part 3)

January 22, 2022 |

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The aura changes. You are ten trillion cells. They change every seventy-two hours.  A person can lie, but the aura doesn’t lie. You can very rhythmically read it; it will tell you everything. We want to grow in our strength, right? That’s the purpose of life: to be vital, to grow, so we can face every day, every person, every relationship, everything with excellence.

You will never look beautiful if you are not radiant. Some people spend tons of money just to stand out. People pay millions of dollars just to be applauded. Everywhere you go you are acknowledged because of your radiant body, not because you have read a lot of books or you have not read lot of books. There is one makeup which God has given the human and that is the radiant body and Guru Gobind Singh is the master of that radiant body. You all have that around you, so don’t lose the opportunity. Pull it together.

Every human has to have his armor—the radiant body, shining. To polish the radiant body is a very polite and light and simple thing to do. When we spend a few minutes every day in peace and tranquility, we become radiant in our lives.

You are a constituent of ten bodies. Man and woman differ in the subtle body. Every female, no matter how sick she may be, will have a bigger subtle body than any male.

You have ten bodies, you know that? You have a spiritual body, that’s the soul. You have a negative mind which gives you right of life. You have a positive mind which gives you inspiration to achieve. You have a neutral mind which gives you success, victory and prosperity. You have a physical body which is the instrument with which you can achieve it. You have an arc line that goes from earlobe to earlobe. Females have another one that goes from nipple to nipple. You have an aura. Aura is the body which represents and integrates your soul, mind and your body. Then there is a Pranic body by virtue of how you live. Then you go into your subtle body; that is where you are wiser, faster and better than others. And then comes the radiant body, that’s your shield, that’s automatic. You are not just physical.

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