Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Teaching (Part 1)

April 30, 2021 |

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You are very special. Your legacy books will not carry, but your legacy will be carried in the hearts of those whose lives you build by giving them the strength to face their own tomorrow unto victory.

There is only one problem: You do not trust your powers.  There is no difference between you and God.  Count your blessings.  Be proud of yourself. Make your children, friends and neighbors proud of you.  Let your touch be the Master’s Touch.  Serve the Age of Aquarius. Keep up and God will keep you up.  Trust it.  Stop looking down at yourself.  Feel God within. There is no God outside of you. 6/23/2000

A Teacher doesn’t hear—he’s deaf. He doesn’t speak—he’s dumb. He doesn’t see—he’s blind. He just carries the teachings. He never amends them, never adds to them, never subtracts from them. You don’t interpret it; you just respectfully carry it to another, and that to another, and that to another. When you do this, all knowledge will come to you. Everything will dawn on you. Your Teacher will speak in you. Your Teacher will guide in you. 7/22/96

The first role of the teacher is to be humble…the character, the courage, the grace, and the magnitude of a person is in practicing humility. One who cannot go under can never grow. The first power of the seed is to go under, and then grow.

Some of you who are sitting here will become great Teachers of the Age of Aquarius. You must understand that you have to build your character first. Care for yourself, be kind to yourself, be compassionate to yourself. That is what you have to do.

If you want to become a Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, then your inside and outside both have to be saintly. Then the power of your touch, sight and word must create miracles and will create miracles.

People are in pain, and they need the pain alleviated. They need to know that you can see that pain. If a person is hungry, first feed him. To a starving person, food is God. Once he is satisfied and a little secure, he can consider the possibility that God is food. The ability to apply consciousness will make you a good teacher.
Aquarian Teacher, p. 265

Each student who comes to a Teacher is his personal, infinite responsibility.

A Teacher has no territory, no jurisdiction, no control, and no communication but the Will of God. He uses his little will, his personal, private will to let God’s Will flow.

It’s very important that you should know you and it’s most important that everybody should know you as trustworthy, honorable, graceful, steadfast, serviceful, kind and compassionate. These are a few faculties of a Teacher.

A Teacher carries the will of all humanity, plus the Will of God, plus the Self, plus everybody’s destiny. It’s a whole load.

Some people think that teaching Kundalini Yoga, the most powerful science of human strength and chakras, is a business. The first thing Jesus did is that he destroyed all those who were trading around the Temple.

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