Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Teaching (Part 3)

May 19, 2021 |

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First, we identify ourselves: We are, we are. Second, our words should be such that they should cool down any fire, the desperation, the depression of the person. Third, we must have the power to uplift the soul and serve the person, to be graceful. And finally, we must stand pure.
July 20, 1996

You want to be Teachers. Then you have to rise above all people. You have to rise above yourself also, and then everything becomes minor. What becomes major is the answer to the call of duty.
April 21, 1997

How are you going to fit in? How are you going to come out of your shell? How are you going to come out of your cocoon? How are you going to deal with everybody with oneness of self? How can you open so much that you can embrace everything? How can you close yourself so that you can be?
July 31, 1996

Become a Teacher and see how things come to you. You are a vehicle. In you there is the purity and piety of a Teacher that you must protect and serve. Then out of your word will come humans who will be invincible, blessed, bountiful, beautiful, and in bliss. You shall rule time and space, and your generations will be happy, healthy, and holy.
July 22, 1996

First of all, the Teacher is a dedicated person. He’s a channel through which the knowledge flows. He or she is not the knowledge. It’s the student who drinks it. The Teacher is not the knowledge, he’s the giver of the knowledge. The student is the taker of the knowledge. Why should we mix our ego with it and change it?
April 26 1997

When you teach, you have only one privilege: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. That’s it. After that, whatever you have remembered, seen and experienced, just share.
April 26 1997

Here the student is an obedient student and the Master is a commanding Master. If you do not learn with a commanding Master, tomorrow how can you become a Master and command? You’ll be a yo-yo.
April 26 1997

A Teacher has no territory, a Teacher has no personality, a Teacher has no reality. His only reality is he uplifts, uplifts, uplifts; he keeps up and uplifts, keeps up and uplifts.
April 22, 1997

The first sign of a Teacher is that you are contained, you are content, and you are very continuously dependable. Your behavior reflects it.
 August 3, 1996

I am sitting higher than you because I have learned and you are learning. That’s the only difference. You’ll be as powerful tomorrow as I am today. Rather, the standard is that you should be ten times stronger than me. Then you can hold that flood of students.
April 21, 1997

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