Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Teaching (Part 4)

October 2, 2021 |

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Some things you are free to do; other things you are not free to do. We have kept the teachings of Kundalini Yoga pure from the time we know to the time we are. That’s why when some people teach Kundalini Yoga it doesn’t work. They teach philosophy, they teach chakras, sometimes they make up kriyas. It’s a good time, but it will not touch the core. It’s as simple as that.
April 26 1997

Kundalini is the cycle, the circle, of the entire productivity of this Earth and all there is. In certain kriyas people say, ” Should I close my eyes or not?” I never asked the question, so I’m not going to answer. It’s up to you. They are all tested out from the last five thousand years and they work. There’s no need to change or alter it.
April 26 1997

The student only has to do one thing. He comes and says, “Maestro, this is my problem.” All you have to say is, “Guru Ram Das will solve it – now go home.” If that person trusts, it shall be solved. If the person does not trust, it won’t be solved.
April 25, 1997

Some Teachers do not want to look like a Teacher because they think they cannot reach students. To become a Teacher is an election? Is it an election? The student will come to you if you are a Teacher.
April 22, 1997

When you have a student, chisel the student, penetrate into the student and make the student better than you. Otherwise tomorrow is dead. Teach your student to become a Teacher. And make him understand again and again and again.
April 22, 1997

When you meet an idiot, become an equal idiot, and you come to that balanced level. Then start lifting. Then your wisdom will prevail. First go down like a forklift and then start bringing things up. The principle of the forklift must be understood by every Teacher.
August 3, 1996

You must not be bought or sold. No temptation, no planning, no scheme, no money, no gain, no loss, no threat can tempt you.
August 3, 1996

As a Teacher follow these three things:

  1. Don’t let yourself down,
  2. Don’t let anybody down,
  3. And don’t participate in any let down.
    ~August 3, 1996 

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