Yogi Bhajan Quotes on the Aura (Part 2)

September 20, 2021 |

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You are always known by your projected personality. Everyone wants his real personality to be hidden. But your aura always represents your real personality.  ~9/15/71

When we vibrate, we are creating that circumvent force which creates everything around us. ~9/20/71

Lots of friends, lots of effectiveness, lots of power, lots of control—it comes from where? It is the vibration which comes out of your circumvent force. ~9/20/71

Those people who are humble, affectionate, serving, and who breathe the Divine Force into themselves, make their mind to concentrate on one breath, and pray to the Universal Spirit by tuning in—not only does their own magnetic field/electric power get charged because of the life force, their circumvent force becomes so strong that it can keep away all the negative forces, and they can change the destiny of others. ~1/1/70

Your aura depends on what you vibrate: what you say, create, think. That is what we call a protective shield or circumvent force. ~9/15/71

All the prayers, all the mantras you chant, all the good words you speak, all the good thoughts you have—they build up only one thing around you and that is your circumvent force. ~9/20/71

All negativity, all bad thoughts, all bad utterances from you weaken your circumvent force. ~9/20/71

Everybody vibrates and these vibrations interchange and they communicate better than whatever you communicate through the tongue. ~9/15/71

Those people who have a very strong circumvent force do not have any chance to get any type of negative forces into their body field. In their aura they remain happy, healthy and holy, thus ending up people who believe and practice truth, Sat Nam, and who meditate on the breath when inhaling Sat and exhaling Nam. ~1/1/70

The circumvent force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God Light that protects us, is the eighth living center [chakra] around us. ~2/22/86

Lots of good health, lots of capacity to work, lots of endurance, lots of courage, it comes from where? It is that circumvent force that is around you. ~9/20/71

The circumvent force is what does not allow any negative force to enter you. When the negative forces do not enter you, you cannot be unhealthy, unhappy, unholy. ~9/20/71

Synchronize your own magnetic field with the cosmic magnetic field which has a complete interconnection with all other humans, other existences, and realms of material existence.  ~from “Establish Your Relationship,” The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets

To build the electric charge, you have to build the life force. To build the life force you have to open up your solar center and solar plexus and to build that you have to meditate and chant in the law of seven or the law of tides [7 Wave Sat Nam Meditation]. ~1/1/70

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