Yogi Bhajan’s Father

November 28, 2022 |

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Yogi Bhajan´s Father

Born as Harbhajan Singh, Yogi Bhajan was born in a very special family. His parents and grandparents were examples of devotion and integrity. They taught him many lessons as a child, which supported his becoming the great Teacher that he was. Learning from his relatives the way of being a devotee, a healer, a Gurusikh and a compassionate human being was a blessing in his life. You can see the influence of Yogi Bhajan´s father and healing wisdom in his life in this beautiful story.

This story also shows Yogi Bhajan’s amazing curative knowledge which he already possessed in his childhood, and his early association with Guru Ram Das, the 4th Guru of the Sikh tradition.

Yogi Bhajan’s Father Prayed for His Son and for Healing Wisdom

“When Harbhajan Singh was seven and a half years old, he suddenly got the measles.  He developed a high temperature with dysentery and passed about a hundred stools containing blood and mucus.  It was so severe that at one point, the two doctors attending him differed over the injection to be given to him. So, the next morning, I brought him to Amritsar to stay with my sister.  There, I consulted with one doctor who had been my old classmate, and upon examination, he gave him one injection.

In the evening, in addition to dysentery, severe pain in the ear made the symptoms still worse.  He was weeping with pain, and it seemed that every hope for his recovery was fading.  He said to me: ‘Papaji, my last time has come.’  I told him that I cannot face this time and I went up onto the roof.  There, I knelt down and prayed to Guru Ram Das that he should be kind enough to spare this only son of mine.

I was sorry that I had not obeyed the order of my saintly father who always told me to recite Sukhmanee daily, which was the only remedy for very serious cases.  He had told me that if I regularly did this practice, that every trouble would go away and within one year I would know the entire Sukhmanee by heart.

I prayed that if my son could be spared at this time, that I would faithfully recite Sukhmanee each day.  Then I came and sat again by his bedside.”

Guru Ram Das was Present in Yogi Bhajan’s Early Childhood

“He spoke to me, ‘Papaji, have you no medicine which can cure me?’  I had to reply that I had nothing.  Then he said, ‘Guru Ram Das has appeared to me, and he has told me what can cure my sickness. If all of your medicine has all been tried, then you should now give me the medicine which I suggest.  Let me drink the juice of two onions and let an onion be fried in oil, and that oil, when it is just warm, should be dropped into my ear.’ 

It was the mercy of Guru Ram Das which prevailed, and God blessed him so that he began to recover.  The next morning, he returned to his mother’s village, and I returned to my summer post at Dalhousi hill station.

This was the way in which Yogi Bhajan, from his early childhood, connected with the healing properties of the Gurus. Each step of the way led him to transform into a Teacher for the Ages.

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