Yogiji Created a Multitude of Courses

April 20, 2005 |

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Yogiji Created a Multitude of Courses was shared by Soorya Kaur (staff member of Yogi Bhajan). She shared this photo and these words on page 70 of her book: YogiJi – The Light of Our Souls, written in 2005

Legacy of Yogiji

Among the multitude of courses Yogiji created, were included courses for ladies and men, business, healing and meditation. He taught chiropractic and massage techniques. Gave lectures on how to raise children; he had something to teach on all aspects of life. I was on Yogiji’s duty during one of the Men’s Courses. What stood out for me was the fact that he was on his feet and talking for 8 hours a day. Without the use of a podium, a chair or any other physical support. What carried him through was his passion to make a difference. To the lives of those who looked up to and depended on him.

He had this larger-than-life stature and an imposing personality that inspired awe mixed with fear. Very few people actually knew that Yogiji was in reality a “softie”, with a child’s innocent heart and extreme sensitivity.

Soorya Kaur on being with Yogi Bhajan

I wish to thank God for many, many blessings, but in particular, for my good friend Neesha Singh.  I could never have done this book without her editing and writing skills, and innate sense for photography.  We forged a partnership that made this book a reality in an extremely short period of time.

While I was working on the idea of this book, my pictures (I always attempted to make him smile for me) opened a floodgate of the intimate memories that I share here with you.  If I may humbly say this, I don’t think of this as “my book” because Guru Ram Das and Yogiji saw me through it, and it took on a life of its own.

It is difficult to decide whether Guru Ram Das adopted Yogiji or Yogiji adopted Guru Ram Das.  Every morning as he performed Seva (selfless service) washing the floors of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India, Yogiji heard Guru Ram Das’ Bani (prayers).  During this period, he was enlightened by a miraculous spiritually elevating experience, and his bond with Guru Ram Das was sealed forever.  Guru Ram Das became his and our patron Guru.  We learn to call upon him to take our pain, to sort out our problems, to be there for us, to produce a miracle when needed, and he always delivered.

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