Yogiji with 2 Swamis

March 29, 2005 |

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Los Angeles, California, 1986

*Yogiji with 2 swamis is an image and words are by Soorya Kaur (staff member of Yogi Bhajan) which she shared on page 41 of her book, YogiJi – The Light of Our Souls, written in 2005.

Yogiji with 2 Swamis

Guru Ram Das Ashram hosted many important guests and visitors.  Yogiji welcomed everyone with equal respect and hospitality.  Here he sits with Swami Dharamanand Saraswati (right) and Swamiji’s then disciple Muniji of Rishikesh, India.

He seeks for peace and interfaith communication. A great part of his life, looks for join forces together with spiritual leaders.

Through time this created a new awareness, to be united with every human being, no matter the background. Peace was the center of all, so every human being can be safe, protected and honored in their own religion or spiritual path.

“Most beloved of God are those who are peace, at peace, share peace, and bring peace to all.”

~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

Words from Yogi Bhajan on peace

” Human prosperity depends on peace. No psychology can play a part, no psychiatry can cure it. It is the inside mind of the man, is to recognize the infinity of God and the consciousness to project and the proper way of life that we are gifted with this human life on this Earth for a purpose to enhance peace between ourself, within ourself, around ourself and forever………

Peace is essential assets of human existence. That is why we decided in the interfaith, in the equality around us, all the religion around us, that let us get to the reality, let us celebrate a day, where we can have peace. Among ourself develop our relationship, know each other and affectionately, say my dear friend, we’ll meet again for this prayer day. And wish him the essence that we should understand the deep meaning.” Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

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