Yogiji with the Dalai Lama

March 28, 2005 |

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Los Angeles, California, Guru Ram Das Ashram

A man of Peace

Yogi Bhajan sought to expand awareness of peace during his lifetime. This led him to find various ways to imply that human beings can live in peace.

In his conferences he promoted the vision of seeing ourselves as human beings, living in peace. The union of our faiths, living in harmony with all creeds.

For many years, he managed to share with different religious and spiritual leaders around the world. One of the pillars of his mission was to create events promoting peace and meetings that sought interreligiousness.

*This image and words are by Soorya Kaur (staff member of Yogi Bhajan) which she shared on page 40 of her book, YogiJi – The Light of Our Souls, written in 2005.

Yogiji With the Dalai Lama

” Seen here with Yogiji, is the Dalai Lama who was on his very first visit to America.  Yogiji dialoged with several spiritual teachers in the West to join hands and work together for world peace, and started an annual event known as “International Peace Prayer Day”. Soorya Kaur

Peace Prayer Day takes place each year in the beautiful high desert “Jemez” mountains. The land called Guru Ram Das Puri outside of Española, New Mexico, about 35 miles north of Santa Fe.

Guru Ram Das Puri is surrounded for miles by forest of extraordinary natural beauty. To step upon this land is to deeply connect with Mother Earth.  Here we celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s vision for a healthy, happy, and holy humanity.

On Peace Prayer Day musicians, entertainers, peace activists, public servants and interfaith leaders gather together to celebrate and pray for peace.

It is an event that  shares devotional music and dance from around the globe, the Sacred Healing Walk ceremony, the power of voices uplifted in prayer and the sharing of joy and laughter in community.

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