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From the pain to the joy
Saturday, June 25 | Lesya – Jagtaran Kaur (Ukraine)
My name is Lesya Stoyanova (Jagtaran Kaur). I’m from Kyiv, Ukraine. I have studied and taught Kundalini yoga for more than 10 years and I’m a healer in the Sat Nam Rasayan tradition. I’m grateful for the deep and powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques, which help me to keep up and deal with tragic situation in my country. I’m so happy to be part of Summer Solstice Event and I’m inviting you to my class “From the pain to the joy”. Let’s make peace, love and prosperity in the world!
Directly following this class, Livtar Singh will sing his song “When the Killing Ends”

6月25日星期六 | Lesya – Jagtaran Kaur(乌克兰)
我的名字是Lesya Stoyanova (Jagtaran Kaur),我来自于乌克兰基辅。 我学习和教授昆达里尼瑜珈超过10年,我是 Sat Nam Rasayan 传统的疗愈师。 我很感恩昆达里尼瑜伽深厚而强大的技巧,它帮助我跟上并处理我国家的悲惨情况。 我很高兴能够参加夏至活动,我邀请您来参加我的「从痛苦到快乐」课堂。 让我们在世界上创造和平、爱与丰盛。
紧接着这堂课,Livtar Singh 将演唱他的歌曲 《何时停止杀戮 When the Killing Ends》。

Breathe: Discover Your Joy & Vitality
Saturday, June 25 | Gurubachan Singh (US)
Gurubachan Singh personally served, traveled and cooked for Yogi Bhajan for many years. After nearly twenty years traveling to South America and China sharing the blessing of Guru Ram Das through seva and meditation on his “Lord of Miracles” Tours, Gurubachan Singh created the “Breathe Global” organization to provide selfless service in honor of Guru Ram Das, to inspire, uplift and bless humanity.
The simple meditation and breathing techniques he shares help to invigorate your body and quiet your mind, so you can discover and experience your joy and vitality.

6月25日星期六 | Gurubachan Singh (美国)
Gurubachan Singh 为 Yogi Bhajan贴身伴随旅行、烹饪与服务已好多年的时光。 Gurubachan Singh 在南美、中国旅行近20年,藉由「奇迹之主」瑜珈巡游冥想与服务,分享Guru Ram Das的祝福。 他开创了「全球呼吸」组织,提供荣耀Guru Ram Das的无私服务,去鼓励、提升和祝福人类。

Gatka: “Adi Shakti Yoga” (YB)
Saturday, June 25 | Guru Shabad Singh (Italy)
Guru Shabad S.K. De Santis formerly III dan of Judo and Ju Jitsu, began the practice of Kundalini Yoga in 1976 and was directed by Yogi Bhajan to study Gatka. He formally ended his training and started teaching Gatka after Yogi Bhajan personally called Baba Nihal Singh to Italy to review his competence and preparation. In this class, he will share his GATKA GURU SHABAD SYSTEM method.

Gatka武术: “Adi Shakti Yoga” (YB)
6月25日星期六 | Guru Shabad Singh (意大利)
Guru Shabad S.K. De Santis 以前是柔道和柔术的三段,于1976年开始练习昆达里尼瑜伽,并由 Yogi Bhajan 指导 Gatka 武术。 在Yogi Bhajan 亲自打电话到意大利给 Baba Nihal Singh 去审查他的能力与准备后,他正式结束了他的训练,并开始教授Gatka 武术。 在这堂课中,他将分享 「GATKA GURU SHABAD 系统」的方法。

the listening space
Saturday, June 25 | Ambrosio Espinosa (Mexico)
This meditation class is inspired by the practice of “Sat Nam Rasayan” which in Sanskrit means “deep relaxation in the divine name” or “abandoning oneself to the essence of true identity”. It is a traditional healing art that uses the ability to feel. Experiencing the transcendent meditative state of consciousness depends on the ability to keep the mind in a state of neutrality and silence.

6月25日星期六 | 安布罗西奥. 埃斯皮诺萨(墨西哥)
这个冥想课程的灵感来自于Sat Nam Rasayan 的练习,在梵语中意为「以神圣之名放松」「放弃自我回到真实身份本质」。 这是一种使用感觉能力的传统疗愈艺术。 要经验超然意识的冥想状态,取决于让心智保持在中性和宁静的状态能力。

Chant and Chat
Sunday, June 26 | Satkirin Kaur (US)
As part of her monthly “Chant & Chat” through Naad Academy, Satkirin Kaur will introduce and lead the Sangat in chanting and meditating on the Shabad “Aap Sa-haa-ee Ho-ah” for 30 minutes, followed by a time to chat to share our experience together.
This Shabad is to block animosity and bring protection and prosperity.
Here is a link to the words and meaning of this Shabad, as well as some musical versions if you would like to familiarize yourself with the Shabad prior to the recitation for this event. Aap Sahaaee Hoaa Shabad

6月26日星期日 | Satkirin Kaur (美国)
这是她每个月的Naad音流学院「边唱诵边聊天」的一部分,Satkirin Kaur将会介绍和带领同修 Sangat们唱诵与冥想Shabad 「Aap Sa-haa-ee Ho-ah」30分钟。 接着是聊天时间,一起分享我们所经验到的。
这个 Shabd 音流将阻止仇恨,带来保护和丰盛。
如果你想要在课程开始唱诵前熟悉这个 Shabd 音流,这里是单词和意义的链接,以及一些音乐版本:Aap Sahaaee Hoaa Shabad

2022 Numerology
Sunday, June 26 | Avtar Kaur (Germany)
How are the numbers of the year influencing us individually and collectively? We live a period of great transition where themes such as freedom, justice and truth are shaking our core identity. Time to remain loyal to our true identity, our sat Nam and reinforce our nature of spiritual warriors.In the battle of life, we can either fight against or fight for, this is also the dance of the sword, or the dance of Shiva who destroys what is not real. This year is an invitation to say NO to any form of polarization, separation and ostracism and invite truth to come in, without fear. The intelligence of the numbers will guide us on this journey to self-realization

2022 年命理数值学
6月26日星期日 | Avtar Kaur (德国)
一年当中的数字对我们个人和集体有何影响? 我们生活在一个伟大的转型期,自由、正义和真理等主题,正在动摇我们的核心身份。 是时候忠于我们的真实身份Sat Nam,并加强我们灵性战士的天然本性。 在生命的战役中,我们可以为反抗而战,也可以为争取而战,这也是剑的舞动,或是湿婆神的舞蹈,祂破坏不真实的一切。 今年,是我们被邀请对任何形式的两极、分离和排斥说不的时候了,并邀请真相进来,没有恐惧。 数字的智慧将引领我们踏上实现自我的旅程。

The Path to True Empowerment in a Woman’s Life
Sunday, June 26 | Nam Nidhan Kaur (Chile)
Nam Nidhan Kaur has been dedicated to teaching women in South America and around the world for nearly 25 years. She is the founder of the Nam International Mujer De Luz Foundation (Woman of Light) which provides programs to inspire and empower all women, including social programs for women experiencing abuse or depression, and for women prisoners.
During this class, Nam Nidhan will meet separately with the women attendees.

6月26日星期日| Nam Nidhan Kaur (智利)
Nam Nidhan Kaur 近25年来一直致力于教授南美和世界各地的女性。 她是国际 Mujer De Luz 基金会(女性之光)的创始人。 该基金会提供鼓舞女人、让所有女人赋权有能力的社会计划,包括受虐、抑郁以及女性囚犯等对象。 在这课程当中,Nam Nidhan 将会与女性学员们单独会面。

6月26日星期日| Rai Singh(智利)
在关系课程里,女生会与Nam Nidhan 一起,男生则与Rai Singh碰面,去学习有关如何强化他们关系的教导。 Rai Singh 将分享:了解三个步骤如何让您、夫妻和家人的生活更自在。 这些是婚姻中碰到的主要挑战,这些挑战有可能会彻底恶狠地破坏你的关系。 好好学习这个靠近法则,将能挽救你的婚姻。

Our Mission and Vision
Our Mission is to protect the legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan; honor his integrity; and share the totality of his Teachings in their integrated
and unadulterated form. Through the attainment of our Mission, we envision humanity finally living to the Healthy, Happy and Holy ideal.

我们的使命是保护Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan的遗产 ; 荣耀他的实诚,并以完整和纯粹的形式,分享他的全部教导。 通过实现我们的使命,我们祈愿人类最终活在健康、快乐、神圣的理想境界。