Peace Prayers by Yogi Bhajan (Part 5)

August 19, 2022 |

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Let us be in silence and pray for peace. We are one unit of that peace, piece by piece, if we bring  ourselves together in this one minute of prayer, in absolute silence for the victory of peace, for love and affection, for communication of peace. Let us have a prayer of peace. Inhale deep. Deep. Hold the breath and pray on it, “Oh my breath, you have given me life, tranquility, peace, harmony. When you leave me, you join the universal breath. May the prayer of peace be in every heart.” Let it go. May the longtime sunshine…

All these names and holy words of God which we meditate on and speak and chant, are nothing but exchange of pranic energy. We get pranic energy and give out pranic energy. It is just offering to God. God gives to us, we give back to God. What do we get out of it? Peace, peace, eternal peace and internal peace. Inner peace and ever peace, and then whatever we touch is peace. If your inner voice is at the same frequency in which you are, you are visited by Almighty God all the time. The harmony between the inner voice and the human is guaranteed and makes you totally divine.

May all those who are here pray for peace. All the drums of war which you are hearing at a distance indicate that they can ring and drum on our own soil. May we all pray and through our prayer may the mind of warriors and warring nations be brought to peace and rest so that there can be again tranquility and peace prevailing on this Earth. May we all pray to God to give us the strength to hear our inner voice so that we can be instruments of joy and happiness to all. Sat Nam

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