Re-Unión Event in Chile

February 24, 2023 |

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2023 Re-Unión Event in Chile

We are happy to report that the Re-Unión event held in February 2023 in central Chile was a complete success. Wahe Guru! Numerous Sangat members who had participated in all of the past yoga festivals in Chile said they had never felt such a harmonious energy.

Happy to Be Together

Many community members had been longing for a cozy and inspiring space for a long time. The purpose of the event is reflected in the name Re-Unión -after all the years and challenges in the world, we really long to be as a Sangat and have a reunion. There were 55 attendees from different parts of the world. Everyone expressed how happy and grateful they were to be together with the Sangat.

Awesome Sevadars

Our sevadars for the event were lovely – so positive and dedicated. They did their seva with such joy and smiles! Their hard work created a beautiful environment for everyone. Thank you!

Beautiful Program and Teachers

Each day began with Aquarian Sadhana, including a beautiful gurdwara– and of course, Gurprasad, which many had been missing, since they do not live where there are regular gurdwaras.

We were blessed with excellent Ragis, Amar Singh from the US and Amarbir Singh from Mexico, who played music during the Sadhanas, Gurdwaras, classes and for evening kirtan programs and Kirtan Sohila.

The high caliber teachers included Nam Nidhan Kaur, Har Hari Singh, Ravi Kaur, Rai Singh, Sat Bachan Kaur, Charansev Kaur and Agya Akal Singh. We were also blessed with a wonderful visit and classes taught by Simran Singh and Kulbir Singh, son of Yogi Bhajan.

More to Come!

Another Re-Unión in Chile will take place next year and more events are being planned for the near future. For example, on May 20, 2023, a tantric course will be held 40 minutes outside of Santiago. Everyone is welcome! Stay in touch for more details as the plans are finalized. Email to receive information as it becomes available.

Yogi Bhajan Inspiration

“You are wrong if you think that your intelligence works, or your words are powerful, or you are very charismatic. Actually, it is your radiant body, your light, your radiance that works.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

Tu estás equivocado si crees que tu inteligencia funciona o tus palabras son poderosas o tu eres muy carismático. En realidad, es tu cuerpo radiante, tu luz, tu resplandor lo que funciona. ~ Yogui Bhajan

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