All relationships are based on wisdom.
All relationships are maintained by love.
All relationships are nurtured by selfless service
All selfless service comes out of wisdom.
Whosoever breaks this cycle – lives in pain, loneliness and misery.

When relationships break,
when relationships fail,
We suffer and agonize, rant and rail.

“How could it happen? Who is to blame?”
We live in misery, loneliness and pain.
Limited egos are bound to conflict.
Egos destroy relationships quick.

For any relationship to be a success,
certain conditions have to be met.

1. WISDOM is the base. Relationship starts here.
Without wisdom, disaster is near.

2. LOVE is the Sustainer, serves to maintain,
Overcomes adversity, sorrow and pain.
LOVE is giving 100 percent
– not “yours or mine” or “what will I get?”

3. SELFLESS SERVICE comes next to nurture and grow
Relationships thrive when both people know.
Without thought of reward, pleasure or gain,
Each gives to the other over and over again.

The Cycle is done
When separate entities truly are one –
Only the wise understand the above –
It takes Wisdom to serve and Wisdom to love.

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