The Sacred Feminine & the Divine Mother

May 23, 2022 |

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Excerpt from the book I am a Woman: Creative, Sacred, and Invincible

“Your inner concept and your outer projection have to be in absolute balance. From beginning to end, you must act as a woman in absolute grace.” –Yogi Bhajan

The archetype of the Divine Mother and the Sacred Feminine is as old as time, deeply embedded into every cell of a woman’s body. As a woman, she must keep both aspects of her nature—woman and mother—in tune and alert to the world around her.

As an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine, she balances her commanding nature, her sharpness, with compassion, rhythm, and grace.

As an embodiment of the Divine Mother, she takes tiny seeds or ideas and nurtures them into full-fledged creations—poetry, painting, cooking, children, formulas, theorems, corporations—even nations. She makes things happen. She uses her intuition and awareness to guide her decisions, and guard and protect herself, her family, and her interests, even as she’s able to call upon her Divine Feminine to elevate and transcend those personal interests and cultivate relationships that serve everyone’s highest good.

A woman’s capacity to nurture and her longing to merge with the Beloved are hardwired into her Arcline. But our culture has taken our essential nature and created a hook: telling us that we need something or someone outside ourselves to complete us—to be whole. So, we often mistake our longing for the Beloved for that someone or something in the material world, which leads to attachment, pain, and heartache. Instead, we must remember that our longing is for the Beloved within us. The Sacred Feminine embodied within us is the essence of wholeness; and the more we honor our sovereignty—our Adi Shakti—the more we have to offer the world.

There’s a shabad which tells of a woman who has fallen in love with her husband and children; her attachment has led her away from her true Beloved. She cries out to be saved from her attachments and be brought back to the One. Most women who’ve looked into the eyes of their lover or a newborn child can probably relate to this experience. Now imagine looking into your own eyes with this same devotion. These teachings are simply a reminder: your identity is more than your relationships, your husband, your children, your job, your family. You are the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine; you are a woman—and that is enough.

When that feeling of attachment overwhelms you and that sense of longing blinds you, Yogi Bhajan’s teachings give you the tools to relax, breathe, and remember who you are—and come back into relationship with your soul and your Self. Throughout a woman’s life, she must balance these roles and relationships, along with her hormones and her body’s changes.

These teachings on woman give you an opportunity to ground yourself in your values, explore the role that intimacy plays in your life, and gather the tools you need to manage the polarities, yet remain always in Ang Sang Wahe GuruYou will come to see yourself and your vastness as the molders and shapers of your life and the lives of those around you. Cultivate your virtue and know your value. Rest in the knowledge of your worth—’a woman’s worth.’ Express your longing by merging in your identity as Divinity and embody the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Mother to all.

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