Yogi Bhajan – End of Class Prayers – 2

June 1, 2022 |

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Blessed be my soul, that as a creature I could relate to the congregation for creativity and thank the creativity of God within me and without me. May each day be like that. May I every time relate to my higher consciousness that is my dignity—full destiny, and may that destination be nearer and nearer, and clearer and clearer so that the dust and the confused life around me may be eliminated. May I rise to the Truth, live in Truth, and respond to the Truth with the force of Truth. Sat Nam.

The bountiful beauty which you have given us, God, may it shine through every pore of our life, from every action, from every living breath. May our friendship be uplifting. May our existence be very healing. May our virtues be shared. May our personality uplift our surroundings and may we practice heavenly existence on this planet Earth. In Thy name we pray. May all be healthy, happy and holy. Sat Nam.

May God give us the power to be loving, kind, peaceful, compassionate, extending ourself to serve and uplift all we see, we meet, we cross. May this day become one of the best, tomorrow one of the super best, and on we go as men of God and women of grace, may we all in His eyes, in His ears, in His tongue, speak the truth. Sat Nam.

May your way always be comfortable. May the wind of happiness be behind you. May you understand the strength of your own soul. May you always be bountiful to help anybody who seeks elevation. May the hand of Nanak protect you. May the power of Guru Ram Das always heal you. May the courage of Guru Gobind Singh give you victory. May the Word of the Siri Guru Granth, give you ecstasy, consciousness, and love. May this planet Earth be awakened to its dignity by your higher consciousness and grace. With this prayer, let every beat of my heart be with you and bless you forever, ever and ever. Sat Naam.
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