Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Peace (Part 3)

May 12, 2022 |

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I have nothing else to say except happiness is a birthright and tranquility, peace, and grace are the environments of it. It comes when your soul is your beloved and your mind is your servant.

The Age of Aquarius will be the Age of humans and peace, love, and service. We shall all live as one family and wars will cease. Humans and humanity will prevail again. As the Berlin Wall fell, other walls will fallWe will all be united under one God, one spirit, one self.

We call Christ the Prince of Peace; we call Buddha the Sattvai Buddha of peace; we call Guru Nanak the giver of peace; we call Mohammed the messenger of peace. We have every name for every religion and the basic part of everything is peace. So why not piece together one word: peace?

We need the deepest prayer, concentration and strength of the inner mind for universal peace so that mankind can live.

I ask every man who would seek peace to realize that peace doesn’t come by protests and rallies. Peace comes by peaceful actions, and so long as those born of the mother will not learn to respect the woman, there shall not be any peace on this planet. The day the woman will not be exploited on this planet, there shall be peace on this Earth.

We are gifted with this human life on this Earth for a purpose: to enhance peace within ourselves, around ourselves, and forever.

Your experience is important!

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