Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Peace (Part 5)

July 11, 2022 |

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Yogi Bhajan giving Class in Germany, December 1989

A very courageous man, a very strong man, a very real man can talk about peace. Peace doesn’t mean to just talk about peace, peace means we have to put all the pieces together and get to one picture. It’s a song of victory, it’s a song of God, it’s a song of reality. And as I have said, until this Earth stops revolving, if those born of a woman don’t know how to respect woman, there shall be no peace. Just imagine that Mother Earth is a woman. What have we done to it? We ourselves do not know.

In certain countries peace is a political thing. You belong to the left wing—you call for peace; you belong to the right wing—you look down at it. Now the question for every intelligent human being under this sun on the Earth is that if we want to survive, we have to learn to love peace. The tragedy is we have not yet learned to love each other. It’s very difficult. We are afraid of each other.

There is no reaching of the God, God is within us. We are born as spiritual beings, to learn to be human, not vice versa. The only way you can reach God is when you are at peace.

Prayer is the power. Even God, Goddesses, God’s incarnations, and multitudes of humans have done prayer and meditation on the One Almighty God, leaving a legacy of prayer for mankind to follow. Now, when war is an impossible solution to conflict, let us work for peace and start by praying for peace of mind. Peace to you, to your family, to your environment, and may peace bring you prosperity.

Mother Earth is crying in vain. Almighty God, who out of His many bountiful blessings, gave us the planet Earth which we have raped, abused, misused—and we are not stopping. We are not at peace with Mother Earth, we are not at peace with environments, we are not at peace with ourselves, we are not at peace within ourselves. The time has come when we must all wake up to a simple reality: without peace what else are we?


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