Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Teaching (Part 7)

July 5, 2022 |

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So, the first principle of a Teacher is, “I am not.” If you cannot practice shuniaa you cannot be a teacher of Kundalini Yoga. Shuniaa means zero. The moment you become zero, then all powers will prevail through you. The moment you become that, then everything radiates from you. ~ July 23, 1996

I would like to explain something to you. It is not a good thing to become a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and mix other things. When you practice Kundalini Yoga, you stay with it only. Remember that.  ~ July 23, 1996

There’s a foolishness that Kundalini teachers do: they mix so many things—astrology, numerology, tarot cards, yum-yum, yo-yo, bananas-pananas-chananas. They are afraid to cover their head when they teach. They want to be very popular. If you want to sell yourself, sell in the open market, but do not take a profession as a Teacher. Don’t insult this institution. In the end you will be sorry and regret it. The teachings are never for sale, and a teacher never has a price. You are priceless, guaranteed by the One who made this Universe.  ~ July 22, 1996

Come here to learn and go back learned, come back again to learn more, and go back to teach more—that is what we want. A Teacher is God’s responsibility. You all love God, I know. But God loves Teachers—that I know, too.  ~ July 20, 1996

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