Yogi Bhajan Quotes on Teaching (Part 9)

September 28, 2022 |

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Photograph by Hari Nam Singh

Unfortunately we do not develop caliber in ourselves. Instead we develop personality, we develop identity, we develop knowledge, we have certifications. You may be certified as a Teacher but you may not have the caliber of a Teacher.

If you want to become a Teacher, become one now. It’s useless when all the teeth are gone and the wolf says, ‘I am a vegetarian.’ It doesn’t sound right.

That has to be the level of the teacher—who says what is right, not what is pleasing, wanting, or needing. You will never realize the truth. Speak what is. And please avoid in your life ‘maybe,’ ‘I don’t know,’ ‘perhaps.’ There’s no affirmation in your life. Life is an affirmation.

We are grateful to the Teacher—he gave us the teachings. That doesn’t mean we worship him.

There is one concept you have to have or you can’t be a Teacher: You don’t work; God works for you. A human works, men and women work, an earthling works. Teachers don’t work

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