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September 24, 2022 |

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Ten Things to do for Your Children

1.Love them

2.Build their self-esteem

3.Challenge them

4.Listen to them

5.Expect respect

6.Limit them

7.Make God a part of their lives

 8.Develop a sense of learning in them

9.Help them to be community-minded

10.Let them go.

Yogi Bhajan
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” You have never learned how to raise children because you have never been raised by parents as you should have been raised. A child never belongs to the parents as a branch does not belong to the trunk—but it needs the feed.That’s how you ruin your children. When they grow up independent, first thing, they would punch you and say goodbye to you because you try to control them. They tolerate it,
they have animosity. When they grow up, they totally go one hundred eighty degrees opposite.”

Yogi Bhajan 4/10/1991

” Don’t give your child a fear of anything, let him not first be afraid of God, secondly not afraid of any mankind, thirdly not afraid of Mother Nature, fourthly, not afraid of the environments.”

Yogi Bhajan

” What can you give to your child except the values of self-justice, self-identity and self-sovereignty? A child must be told in a practical way how to behave and must be treated to be self-sovereign. Otherwise you are absolutely not giving self-respect to that child.”

Yogi Bhajan 2/19/1985

” We use our children for security. Then our children use us for security,and life is a mess. Give children their own security; their security is Truth and God. Give them the true identity of themselves and you will have angels on this Earth. ”

Yogi Bhajan

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