Yogi Bhajan Teaches the Kal Akal Siri Kal Mantra

Recently, a question arose about the correct mantra to recite while carrying the Siri Guru Granth Sahib during Sukhasan at the end of our Gurdwara ceremonies.  For many years, the Espanola Gurdwara mostly chanted “Kal Akal Siri Akal Maha Akal Akal Moorat Waheguru”.  However, this mantra does not exist in any manuals or anywhere online.  Alternatively, the mantra “Kal Akal Siri Kal Maha Akal Akal Moorat (Waheguru)” is listed in the KRI Teacher Training manual and was recorded by Guru Shabad Singh at the Siri Singh Sahib’s request.  Additionally, Los Angeles Gurdwara kirtanis only play “Kal Akal Siri Kal Maha Akal Akal Moorat (Waheguru)”. 

To clarify this question, we have researched the Siri Singh Sahib lecture database and have found the attached video from KWTC on July 19, 1989, where the Siri Singh Sahib clearly and directly teaches “Kal Akal Siri Kal Maha Akal Akal Moorat (Waheguru)”.  A link to that part of the July 19, 1989 lecture by the Siri Singh Sahib Ji is shared below.

It is interesting to note that  this mantra “Kal Akal Siri Kal Maha Akal Akal Moorat (Waheguru)”, according to “The Aquarian Teacher” Teacher Training Manual,  is a “protective mantra that wraps around animosity and seals it closed.  It can remove the very shadow of death.”  Based on this clarification, we will now chant  “Kal Akal Siri Kal Maha Akal Akal Moorat (Waheguru)” in all Espanola Gurdwara ceremonies. 

Hari Dharam Kaur


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