13 Rules to Live By

January 27, 2021 |

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  1. Never lose your manners
  2. Never lose trust in yourself
  3. Learn to be a diplomat, but deliver the work
  4. Never participate in slander, you’ll go under
  5. Never boast or you’ll never find your life’s coast
  6. Do not practice any inhibition or exhibition which shadows your reality
  7. Prestige and grace should never be compromised.  They have no price
  8. Honor will honor you, grace will grace you, consciousness will bring you respect.  Intelligence will bring you trust and your confidence will bring you satisfaction
  9. You must have your own regalia if you believe in your royalty.  You must be straight and simple if you believe in your personality.  And you must be mutual and honorable if you believe in your identity, because on this planet everything is mutual
  10. If you want to rule the world, obey all the rules demonstratively, so that people can trust and respect you
  11. You are a spirit born for a human experience.  You are not a human born for spiritual experience.  Therefore, do not follow any spiritual practice which comes between you and your God
  12. Every practice which enhances your respect, grace, trust and gives you peace of mind, harmony and fulfillment, is a must for you
  13. Love is a power– not at logic, debate, discussion, argument or question.  Use it wisely to elevate yourself to excellence

Footnote:  You are born by 13.  You will love by 13 and you will die by 13.  9 holes plus 4 limbs (2 legs and 2 arms)=13, =4; cup of prayer.  With cup of prayer, you can share the whole world.  You can dare to love all in one and one in all.

If you follow these rules, you will never be insulated, isolated or insulted.  Now imprint these thirteen rules in your heart and head and live by them.

~From “The Game of Life”, also titled:  “13 Rules of Life for a Woman”.

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