84 Aspects of Siri Singh Sahib Ji (1)

December 1, 1991 |

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 From the book, 84 Aspects of Siri Singh Sahib Ji – Life with a Spiritual Teacherwritten by Sardarni Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa and published in 1991.

He counsels, he watches –
Comment. Reaction.
Reads the aura, deduces, analyzes.
Split-second timing. He aims. Fires away.
Hits the target. Core of the student remains
Standing tall. In Truth he is a marksman
Whose allegiance is to the fulfillment of the soul.

“Don’t you remember?” he says, rather hurt,
“When you served Guru Gobind Singh in his court?
And you – you, the water carrier on the battlefield.
What kind of God this is. Can this be real?
That in one transmigration you have forgotten all?
I should bow at your feet, but you have forgotten
The sacred and powerful soul.”

Quietly but fiercely he disturbs the slumber.
Demon of Maya is loosed, beheaded.
Spiritual amnesia lifts like fog.
Worldly stupor slowly subsides.
Bij mantr sarab ko gyan:
He activates the seed of the soul
So one can become what heavens endowed.
He pulls the weeds: those sidetracks that sprouted,
And brings each soul back to the path:
Self-fulfillment in honor and grace,
Godly thoughts and divine action.

The Master lifts the veil
And the real purpose of life is seen.

Here’s the introduction shared from this book:

Dedicated to the children of the Khalsa everywhere

I had the unique opportunity of serving as a bodyguard to a spiritual master, Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, popu­larly known as Yogi Bhajan. In this job, I found myself witnessing a Master at work in every kind of environment. There were thousands of lectures and transcriptions of his teachings, but few publi­cations which actually demonstrated his endless compulsion to teach, correct, uplift and provoke all people he met towards higher consciousness.

This then, is a collection which describes his teaching – not “in class”, but in “the living room”: within his personal, social and political obliga­tions. This I hope shows a man who was at every breath, a constant diagonal energy; in essence: a brilliant spiritual teacher.

I offer these poems as a form of gratitude for my own awakening, which occurred through serv­ing and studying him.

~Sardarni Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa

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