84 Aspects of Siri Singh Sahib Ji (4)

November 30, 1991 |

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The bridge

From the book, 84 Aspects of Siri Singh Sahib Ji – Life with a Spiritual Teacherwritten by Sardarni Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa and published in 1991. 

Spread Guru’s words and serve the Master!

Master= the saint – link to the Creator

Student:  “You’re always moving, changing, I can’t pin you.  You are human”, I say, but “I can’t reach you.”

Master:  Moving, maybe.  But bridge still the same.  Master will carry you through life’s game.

Student:  “How many can you love, soul to soul?  How many can you carry?  You can’t carry all!”

Master:  How many blades of grass can the earth hold?  There is no limit to me, no limit at all.  Bridge carries all.  There is no set of rules.  Each relationship is distinct, to that form I am true.  Three lifetimes in one, all these people interwoven.  A melange of many lifetimes overlapping.  To each soul I am true; that much is personal.  I will carry the soul at the rate it can excel.

Push and pressure, Thousands move onward crossing the bridge:  Spiritual Teacher.

Here’s the introduction shared from this book:

Dedicated to the children of the Khalsa everywhere

I had the unique opportunity of serving as a bodyguard to a spiritual master, Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, popu­larly known as Yogi Bhajan. In this job, I found myself witnessing a Master at work in every kind of environment. There were thousands of lectures and transcriptions of his teachings, but few publi­cations which actually demonstrated his endless compulsion to teach, correct, uplift and provoke all people he met towards higher consciousness.

This then, is a collection which describes his teaching – not “in class”, but in “the living room”: within his personal, social and political obliga­tions. This I hope shows a man who was at every breath, a constant diagonal energy; in essence: a brilliant spiritual teacher.

I offer these poems as a form of gratitude for my own awakening, which occurred through serv­ing and studying him.

~Sardarni Wahe Guru Kaur Khalsa

About the Drawings

All the drawings in this book are created as sketches, or ideas, about energy exchange and meditative experience.  Their intent is to trigger your imagination and understanding of your own intuitive process, rather than present you with an illustration of a concept.  My sincere gratitude and special appreciation for all the Khalsa children who sent me their artwork, but which could not all be included in this book.  I wish to express my appreciation for their drawings; because, surely, their perceptions of Infinity are most intuitive and accurate.  The contributors are:  Amar Deep Singh, Dharm Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Karta Singh, Seva Kaur, S. Wahe Guru Kaur and Wahe Guru Singh.

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