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January 20, 1979 |

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Written by Beant Singh Khalsa, Baltimore, Maryland and published on page 264 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib” in 1979.

“The one thing about the Siri Singh Sahib which has had the greatest impact on me is the way in which he sets an example by living his life for others. There are many stories and incidents which come to mind, but through the past three years that I have known the Siri Singh Sahib, it is his example of selfless living, of dedicating his efforts to helping others without thought of personal gain, which has been the greatest inspiration to me.   

I remember often his words about how animals live with each other, but we as humans and as Khalsa should live for each other.  As our teacher, he never failed to inspire us by living up to that teaching.  His example of living the teachings of Sikh Dharma has been invaluable to me as a primary force in changing my life and directing me on the path of Truth.”

2021 Addition from Beant Singh:

“In the remaining 25 years as my Spiritual Teacher (on this planet), the Siri Singh Sahib demonstrated to me one thing over and over. It was that he cared for nothing else but to push and inspire me, and every one who called themselves his student, to pursue our highest spiritual destiny, the identity of the Soul. He lived only to serve God’s creation and deliver anyone who lived his teachings into the realm of God. He constantly poked, provoked, confronted and, in the end, elevated me. My gratitude to him is Infinite.”

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