A Note on Aquarian Musical Affirmations by Yogi Bhajan, as recorded by Nirinjan Kaur and shared in the book, Success and the Spirit.

Yogi Bhajan personally directed these recordings for their specific meditative effects on the subconscious and the nervous system.

Over the years he said many things about them. Here are some of his comments about their impact and effect.

“The recordings are based on the Adi Naad sound system, the Adi word hypnotic sound affirmation. These hypnotic affirmations uplift the inner soul. They open the chakras and stimulate the balance of the five tattvas.

“By opening up the seven chakras, we can access our inner force which is gifted with intuition. Nirinjan Kaur has a God-given, precious gift to create this hypnotic naad.

“When you listen to these recordings, a vibration is created in the drum of your ear. The message stimulates the subconscious mind, which releases its subconscious blocks and stimulates conscious activity. Then the human has a victory of unconscious withdrawals. It is the most wonderful self-realization system.

“These hypnotic affirmations stimulate the meridians of the upper palate through the permutation and combination of the sound. If the individual sings along while practicing or playing these recordings, they further stimulate the hypothalamus. The neurons in the brain are readjusted for the beautiful, bountiful, blissful success of the individual. It is a God-given gift for you and for your prosperity. The system works. It shall work for you.

“The affirmations are designed to burn negative karma and stimulate positive inspiration. Many people have tried it. It has worked miracles. Miracles are unexplainable wonderful happenings. They are not gimmicks or soul talk. They are a reality that can be proven by the practicing practitioner.

“It is the word that elevates the human. The word solves and dissolves problems, gives peace of mind, happiness, fulfillment of destiny and prosperity. When you know the right permutation and combination of words, you can open up every lock and cross every hurdle of life. You can have a happy, prosperous life and gain a beautiful, bountiful and blissful status.

“These are very special recordings for ordinary people to become special. Honestly use them in your life for 120 days and you will feel happy and prosperous.

In the case of specific difficulties, all you have to do is to take the recording and have it on continuous play. Put it on at night and sleep. It is a very effective way to remove the blocks from the subconscious.

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