Are You Ready To Go?

January 29, 1979 |

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From page 87 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979 and written by S.S. Gurupreet Singh Khalsa of Seattle, Washington.

What words can do justice to a man who lives in a consciousness, which is beyond those who would speak them?  His only, and endearing accolade is that he is a man, whose life is for others.  This very simple dharma is the most profound to be lived on this earth. 

 “Are you ready to go?” he said looking at me sitting in the corner.  I had tacitly reserved that corner of the ashram, to quietly but determinedly learn the techniques of the Yoga of Awareness and listen to the practical wisdom, channeled through this incredible man. 

 “You must all stand on your own feet, not worship mine; you must all become teachers.” I knew I was included in that edict, but that question was so direct, so soon – I didn’t answer, and he said, “not yet?” 

In a few weeks, I was headed for Seattle to teach. I didn’t know anyone in Seattle; Los Angeles had been my home for twenty-four years.  What a miracle to inspire the consciousness necessary to take this step…  none other, than a harmonious, integrated being, who had realized his full potential as a human, could have instilled such faith. 

The same question, which was the turning point of my spiritual life, he continues to ask again and again as the challenge of the Age flows through him like thunder, testing our steel at each turn.  Our faith has linked us to the Infinite, and our foundation is of rock. 

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