Attitude of Gratitude

January 15, 1979 |

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Gratitude Is The Best Attitude written on remember note concept on a cork board.Business Concept.

This quote from the Siri Singh Sahib was shared on page 153 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.

“The first gift of higher consciousness is the state of equilibrium, where neither praise inflates you nor slander depresses you. That is the first gift if you have experienced the kundalini.  In this state, when somebody comes and tells you that you are great, you say that God is great, and when somebody tells you you are an idiot, you still say that God is great.  You have one altar, which is Infinity, and on it you lay everything.  That is the first state, the state of equilibrium.  

 You may like praise, you may even love it, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator; you may dislike slander, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator.  This is a state of equilibrium.  When a person lives in the ecstasy of equilibrium, he is super sensitive; therefore, he is grateful.  This attitude of gratitude makes a person great.  If you ever want to be great, this is the minimum requirement.”  (February 19, 1976) 

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