Calling All Women of the World

June 16, 2021 |

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Calling all women of the world: Step into the power and grace of the divine feminine. Inspire and lead through the depth and radiance of your being. Bring your light, your love, and your intelligence to the fore. The world needs your leadership and wisdom now.

Women of all ages, races, faiths, and nationalities are working to bring peace, compassion, and healing to humanity. Join in!

“You are the nucleus of this Universe. You are the source of beginning. You are the master of the space. You are the hub, you are the pivot, you are the force, you are the mother. If you walk tall, that’s all you have to do. Resurrect yourself, exalt yourself, excel. You are born to rule, that’s the rule of the creation. You are Ashtabhuja Bhagvati, the giver, and the omniscient and omni-powerful woman to whom God bows.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

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