Celestial Communication

November 9, 2020 |

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Celestial Communication is a beautiful way to create relaxation, expansion and shine.

It balances the human energy and gives strength to the radiant body. This way prosperity and success come to people who, against all odds can smile; against all provocation can peacefully talk; and against all obnoxiousness can beautifully behave. They are bound to be very successful. There is no such thing as defeat for them.

People who are temperamental, calling wolf all the time. Being emotional, being neurotic, being critical, being a slanderer, being a gossip spreader and all those kinds of qualities. Those are very self-destructive, and the time has come when we should voluntarily get out of all that.

The most beautiful act you can do to yourself is, don’t listen to garbage. Friends bring gifts to each other. They do not bring their own garbage and lay it on the house of a friend.

For physical garbage, a truck will come weekly and take it away. Mental garbage is a hundred twenty dollars an hour. Sitting with a psychiatrist and trying to get rid of it, and it still doesn’t go.

What we have to do is to come like a lotus out of the mud.

What is celestial communication?

It is a moving meditation, which is part of the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Celestial Communication  are choreographed arm and hand movements to mantras or other spiritual songs. It is unique in that there are no exact mantras, mudras or movements to use for this type of meditation; a teacher or practitioner is free to create the movements him/herself.

What are the benefits?

Celestial Communication works on the upper triangle – the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th chakras. The movement of the arms not only affects and opens the heart, but also  strengthens the aura, and magnifies your subtle and radiant bodies. By strengthening the aura and radiant body in Celestial Communication, everything can come to you and prosperity will will flow to you.

The movement of the fingertips through the air when you are doing Celestial Communication additionally  increases your prana (energy).  This connects with your neurons, and relieves the deep stress that accumulates in the brain. When you experience this deep relaxation, anxiety subsides, and your natural state of innocence and creativity is renewed.

This technology unifies your body, mind and spirit. All three are in harmony through the movement, and duality resides. As the name implies, practicing Celestial Communication connects you to the Infinite. This expands your relationship with your divine, angelic self. It is a beautiful way to connect to the sound current and to create and vibrate the music within you.

“(Celestial Communication) is the greatest wonder food for the body healing, bringing mental intelligence and creativity, and uplifting the soul and the inflow of the spirit.” ~ Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan

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