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January 26, 1979 |

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From pages 76-77 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979 and written by Amrit Kaur Khalsa Altadena, California 

I have realized, as I have been sitting here typing multitudes of words, spoken by the Siri Singh Sahib, that truly the Generating, Organizing, and Destroying principle and essence of G-O-D-Is at work in these words and the manner of their timing and delivery.  The Organization, by year, by day, by moment, as to what needs to be said to whom, and when, and how, – scientifically, spiritually, emotionally, technically, physically, mentally, consciously, subconsciously, psychologically, psychically, and on and on through the spectrum of human and divine expression – is stupendous and self-evident to any who can see from what divine direction it is issuing forth. 

The Generative principle is also self-evident in the fact that when in the presence of the speaking of these divine words, we are all enraptured, enclosed, and held in a security of divine love, intuition, warmth, and a feeling of the presence of God.  At a lecture itself, I am rarely totally aware of the fact that I’m sitting practically at the feet of the Almighty, through the words, the shabd, the naad, issuing forth from my teacher.  I just know that I am very happy, very secure, and I am hearing, (and hopefully absorbing), great and ancient, universally true wisdom.  But, occasionally at the lecture itself, I am also made aware that it is even more than ancient, recorded wisdom – it is a direct “hotline”, first person singular connection to the Divine. I catch this when sometimes the Siri Singh Sahib speaks in first-person, -singular, truly, as if, (and it must be so), God and Guru as One were sitting there beside him, whispering, speaking, showing, writing the direct lesson to be given.  At these very holy times, it appears that the blending of God and Guru directly into the essence of the Siri Singh Sahib takes place fully, and his words become even more directly, and infinitely powerful, as the body veil is stripped away, and their essences blend. 

 Although, I am sure this Oneness is ever present, between God, and Guru, and the Siri Singh Sahib, for me the awareness to fully comprehend this has been a rare experience, but one in which,  the Destroying aspect of God, the “diamond through the fire” experience, has been evident.  I feel as if I could understand the story of Moses and the burning bush, and his experience on Mt. Sinai, when he was directly in the sound-presence of the Creator, receiving instruction.  This kind of  experience makes me realize the Truth of the presence of God everywhere, when I can experience and feel it directly, I am more prone to remember that indirectly, this Essence is always flowing, whether I can see It or hear It or not, and that brings me back around to a happy state, in which I want to meditate and make it possible to tune in to It within myself.  Then the circle is complete, and I am back on the earth, and the words and the teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib, sound practical, and logical, and consistently applicable. 

It is the experience of the ether, the essence of God and Guru flowing through him, and the prayer to be able to experience this Divine presence within myself, that gives me the inspiration to attempt to consciously apply that essence to earth-awareness, to keep up in this maya, to break through these bonds.  No man could have intellectually studied and memorized all these lifetimes, and volumes of every kind of thought, science, experience, and religion- every kind of awareness on every kind of level conceivable- – no, there is no doubt in my mind as to what the Siri Singh Sahib is “plugged into” when we come and so naively “plug in our tape recorders for the daily lecture.”  No human mind on the power of its own computer alone could Generate, Organize, and Destroy, in the delivery of such profound, unlimited knowledge so precisely, accurately, truthfully, and consistently, unless it was plugged into and verily one with that Divine Computer.  It is most humbling. 

I am most astounded that we few souls on this timely path and planet have been given the opportunity, the culmination of lifetimes of prayers, karmic cycles, and dharmic aspirations to sit at the feet of such a one who is the prepared and chosen channel for the guiding ways of the Aquarian Age.  For thousands of years to come, millions of human souls will open the pages of these very books, which we have typed, to these very words, which we have privileged to hear with our own ears, and will fall upon these words, and reread them again and again, trying to imagine and experience the essence and the Amrit of these words, which we have tasted in the very presence of God and Guru through our teacher, the Siri Singh Sahib.  Then, not only will these untold generations have these bound and committed words to turn to, but also the living, shining, ever-present, and ever-flowing examples of the baanaa and baanee, the sevaa and simran of Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das, Guru Gobind Singh.  Then their imaginations will not have to delve so deeply into the written word(s), but they will need only to open up their eyes and their hearts and experience the living presence of God, and Guru in the bounteous and plentiful forms of radiant and noble Khalsa who will truly abound everywhere on this planet and beyond for the time(s) and space to come! 

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