Compassionate Father and Spiritual Father

February 4, 1979 |

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These two passages were shared on page 94 in the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, which was published in 1979

Compassionate Father
Written by Baldev Singh Khalsa from Los Angeles, California  

It is hard to absorb and almost impossible to express where I think he may be in the realm of Consciousness. 

After meeting with him for counsel one time, I felt as if the whole world were crumbling in around me and at the same time, an angel had come to rescue me, and as I was cradled within her wings of light she was saying with eyes as gentle and tender as God: be patient my child – I love you.  

It is a wonderful experience to open your heart to your father, to lighten your load on this earthly plane and to feel his love and compassion as he explains to you why you are troubled so.   

Spiritual Father
Written by S.S. Sant Subagh Kaur Khalsa San Bernadino, California

Sometimes a spiritual teacher seems so far away, so untouchable, high on a pedestal.  It was during my pregnancy with my son, Guru Bahadur Singh, in August 1976, that Yogi Bhajan reached out his warm fatherly hand to me.  I realized his personal compassion and concern for each one of his students, for every human being.   

I was lying in bed, very ill, soon to enter the hospital, unsure of life or death, my destiny unclear.  A new life was beginning to develop within me, but my physical body was weakening as it seemed to be soaked of all energy.  I felt like I was rolling downhill faster and faster when – the phone rang. “Sat Nam, my dear daughter.” It was Yogi Bhajan Ji.   

All of a sudden, I felt a boost of praanaa, of the energy of life. “How are you doing?”  I said “Great!”  That’s how he truly made me feel, with those few words.   His love, and healing energy extended with every vibration of his voice.  He said everything would be fine, me and the baby, just “keep up”, and listen to my doctors.  

Yogi Bhajan Ji had never called me before, so I was totally Surprised.  When you have a spiritual father like Yogi Bhajan, all you need is one call in a lifetime, to make you realize how grateful we should all be for every breath we breathe, every smile we share, every gift we give. 

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