Dear Wise-Man

February 5, 1979 |

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Sarab Shakti and OngKar

From page 94 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979 and written by Sarab Shakti Kaur Khalsa, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sat Nam,

Not long after you “plucked” me from my mother’s arms, I had a passport picture taken for my “trip” to boarding school in India.  I was looking at that picture today, and I had a difficult time relating to it!  The fourteen-year-old face of fury, that glared back at me with defiance, couldn’t have been me.  Instead of the love I feel growing in me today, there was the beginning of a real hassle.

It’s taken me six very long years to realize, that I honestly would have been messed up without you.  How could I hate you? You? My “wise man?”  I tried to, through my fear and ignorance Siri Singh Sahib Ji, but your trust, and confidence in me, wouldn’t let me.  Your patient guidance, and your hawk eyes didn’t even let me dip my toes in trouble’s stream.

I trust you; I respect you, I fear you and I love you so much that the very vibratory seed of the thought that I’ll (we’ll) one day lose you is enough to send searing pains of sadness through me. I love you so much, that I believe you, when you say you’ll die in slander and anguish.  Isn’t that history?

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  1. Sarab Shakti, my very beautiful ex-wife, whom I love today as much as the first day I met her.

    What a beautiful letter she wrote to him. So much love and devotion, and intuitiveness! Wow, dying in slander? She nailed it.

    He gave her a choice one day “become my personal secretary and be with me every day for the rest of my life or get married and have children”. She chose the latter and I was the lucky one who became her husband for 37 years. But when you are abandoned and unloved at two months of age, and become a ‘bootstrap’, one grows up with some scars and makes some bad decisions. Which is unfortunately what I did.

    But God was merciful to me and then blessed me with the most beautiful angel, my beautiful Hari Das Kaur, whom I love with all my heart and soul. May her soul be in the lap of Guru Ram Das and with SSS and Guru Dev Singh.

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