Dear Yogiji (Summer 2001 Aquarian Times)

June 30, 2001 |

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Question:  Two years ago, I was very sick and was confronted with the idea of death. Only after my acceptance of death could I accept the possibility of living and being happy. Why is it so difficult for us to accept ourselves?

Answer:  From one little molecule that is the spermatozoa and one egg we are all born. Our development, our path, our gain and loss, our sickness and health are mostly the karma of the previous life. As we compete and compare while living, we forget that our destiny and dignity were designed first, and then accordingly we got the body. We have never developed our sensitivity to differentiate, so we feel we are betrayed by nature. We normally accept things when there is no way out. If we accept everything willingly, then our will and God ‘s Will will be the same. There will be all gain and no pain.

Question:  How fixed is the future? Everybody keeps talking about projection and changing your life or karma, and maybe that works for some people. But somebody must have planned and projected my life before I was born, so what gives me the right or motivation to interfere? Why would I change that planning rather than accept it?

Answer:  You have three minds: negative, positive, and neutral. By meditation you can direct your mind positively toward success, you can spread prosperity, and you can shine like sunshine.

If you remain neutral, you will pay your karma and play into the hands of time and space. If you adopt the negative mind, may the hand of God be with you!  God knows which way you will end up. It is the most sad and painful living.

About Yogi Bhajan

Throughout recorded history, a handful of spiritual giants have arisen as dynamic catalysts for the advancement of human consciousness. Their evolutionary teachings and their very presence on the planet have accelerated the progress of millions of souls. Such a master, a teacher of teachers, is Yogi Bhajan.

When he arrived in the United States in December of 1968, Yogi Bhajan stated his mission quite clearly. He said, “I have come to create teachers, not to gather disciples.” He is not a philosopher or a preacher. He is a transmitter of the same mastery that he has achieved.

The relationship between a master and a student is like that of a chisel and a stone in the hands of a master craftsman-as friction releases the potential for the work of art contained within the stone. The dimensions of life can change dramatically as an individual accelerates to new levels of self-awareness when studying with a master. Yogi Bhajan’s lectures are presented as a resource for all people looking to open new doors or to stretch them­ selves. His words set the blueprint of what it means to be a true and sacred spiritual teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

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