Dr. Alan Weiss

May 24, 2023 |

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Dr. Alan with the Siri Singh Sahib in Japan in 1976


Dr. Alan will be teaching a class titled “Prana” at the “Week with HGRD” event on Saturday, June 24th. Here is information about the class:

“Prana” (like the weather) is everywhere, felt by everyone, but rarely done anything about.   This session will touch on both Western and our Kundalini Yoga heritage concepts about prana, and its flow; perhaps some exercises and meditations depending on the preferences of the attendees.”

About Dr. Alan

As a teenager, Alan met Yogi Bhajan, and became a kundalini yoga teacher.  He then went to medical school, followed by surgery training and a career in surgery and medical education. He enjoys sharing what he’s learned about medicine & yoga.

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