Ecstasy of Oneness

January 14, 1979 |

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A prayer by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan as shared on page 55 of the book, The Man Called Siri Singh Sahib, published in 1979.

“May Thy Soul prevail in the existent soul of consciousness.  May Thy Grace be the grace, Thy Light be the light.  Oh, Formless One, Bountiful Doer of everything, Cause of every creation.  Oh, Infinite One, the Being of the Being, the Supreme Being, Relation of all relationships. Oh, Lord of all lords, God of all gods, leaning on Thee and on Thy Name one gets into the stage of ecstasy to experience the whole universe within and without.  Create the brotherhood and love that everyone will be one with everyone to find the One within and without the secret of Oneness which may lead them to the unity of strength and to their Godhood and ecstasy. Give the man the bliss, the joy, and the pleasure.  Give him the cozy side of Thy merciful aspect of existence, so that man can break the limit of his negativity and may prevail in the realm of positivity and truth.

Oh, Supreme Consciousness hold this individual Consciousness to that height so that man can sustain through the practical experience of Thy ecstasy.  Oh, Thou the Self of all selves, the Expansion beyond time, beyond matter.  Oh, True Teacher, the only teacher.  Oh, the Creator of channels, through Thy prayers and Name let this day be a turning point in realization towards You and the experience of vastness and limitlessness may be in every heart. Open every heart and shower Thy greatness.  Let this day lead to the self and the union with the Supreme Self.  In Thy Name we call on Thee into Thy abode of ecstasy and infinity.”

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