Five Lectures, Five Decades (1980s)

January 2, 2005 |

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In an article from the Winter 2005 Aquarian Times Magazine 5 lectures from the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan were shared – one from each decade.  This is the one from the 1980s.

Read the introduction of this article by MSS Shakti Parwha Kaur, his first student.

The 1980s – Sacredness

Lecture excerpts, June 21, 1985

The purpose to visit planet Earth is not to find God, neither to announce God nor to denounce God. The purpose of coming to planet Earth is to find the sacredness in you and live it. Go to the English dictionary and find out the meaning of sacredness, and then make a program how you are going to find your own sacredness. Then whatever you see, whatever you feel, whatever you want to deal with, whatever you want to talk about, keep it sacred, make it sacred, and whatever is sacred, right or wrong, don’t bother. That is God.

What is not sacred is worth nothing. “Give me the sacredness.” This is the prayer you have to pray from today onwards, “Give me the sacredness or give me death.” If you do not prefer sacredness over death you have not learned the secret of life. You have to understand it with your own consciousness and this should be your prayer. “Give me the sacredness or give me death,” and then leave it to God.

Do not follow anybody, do not listen to anybody, do not look for anything, don’t hear a thing, don’t worry about anything—all you have to do is to find in you your own sacredness: look sacred, be sacred, talk sacred, eat sacred. It will take one man, one woman, one sacred thought, one sacred act to give this Earth a sacred message — only one sacred person and one sacred prayer to save the entire Earth.

You want to know what God can do for you. Just know what your own sacredness can do for you, and this planet Earth can be saved even now. There is still time, little time, but there is time.

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View this article as it originally appeared in Aquarian Times in the Winter of 2005

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