Five Things in Life to Forgive

December 1, 2009 |

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This post was originally shared in the November/December 2009 Aquarian Times magazine.

Living for Each Other

Sat Nam,

Yogi Bhajan created 3HO as a vehicle for community, a group of people who share a Common Unity of conscious living and service. Separating people by labels of religion, spiritual path, ethnicity, age, and gender do not apply. Just as the human race is all of One kind, 3HO is also made up of One kind, and serves the same One humankind.

As we enter into the Aquarian Age, which represents the age of information and the sensory human, we are recognizing that we are here to live for each other. Here, in the following lecture excerpt, are some simple yet profound reminders from Yogi Bhajan:

There are Five Things in Life to Forgive

1)  The first thing is please forgive God that He separated you from Himself and created you as a creature. You do not know who you are, and if by chance you do, then relax and enjoy it and be in Chardi Kala (high spirits). Be in ecstasy. Thank God you are, you are!

2)  Forgive your destiny that it is as it is. You never wrote it, you earned it and you forgot about it. But that’s the way it is. Your destiny is your destiny, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Simply you can reach it or not reach it. There’s nothing more to do and nothing less to do.

3)  Forgive the environments which are always challenging, and the cause and effect which are happening. In the middle of this crossfire and “breath-fire” and “cover-fire,” a soldier has to move. It isn’t the life that matters; it’s the courage that you bring to it.

4)  Forgive your capacity, your ability, and your duality. Please forgive them—they are limited. Job of the Infinite is the Infinite’s job. Just keep doing it and He’ll come through.

5)  Forgive yourself that you have to go through it. That’s most important. You are very cruel to your selves. You are very cruel to your being. You are very cruel to your grace. You are very cruel to your tolerance. You are very cruel to your security. You are extremely cruel to your self-trust, self-esteem, self respect. You are cruel to your body; you are cruel to your mind. You are cruel to your soul. Why? Be at peace. All is waiting to come to you.

If you can practice these five things to forgive, you will find the Age of Aquarius extremely friendly. If you don’t—my prayer is you should, so you may not suffer. My prayer is that Ang Sang Wahe Guru (God is in every limb of me), the thirty trillion Gods living in you and dancing in you, may protect you, and that your radiant body may keep your radiance. God calls on you. Answer the call. God has made you, so be it. Today is one time that you can give yourself time and space to win the race in which you have to walk—the distance between you and your destiny.”

Your experience is important!

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