Forward: God, Good and Goods

September 30, 1989 |

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Here is the “Forward” written by Yogi Bhajan on page 7 of the book, “72 Stories of God, Good and Goods”, published in 1989:

Life itself is a story.  And stories provide the most effective, personally understandable avenue to knowledge.  Through stories we lay the foundation of life to build our palaces of success.  That is the greatest value of a story.

Throughout our daily lives, we can see the themes in these stories repeated many times.  Just by reading them, they will have a deep and personal effect on us.

These 72 stories are immortal.  They are like God.  They are good and very good for life.  They are good and moral to bring goods to our lives.  May we praise God and hail Guru Ram Das for this blessing.

May all who read these stories become bountiful, beautiful and blissful.  With this humble prayer, may we share these wonderful stories from time immemorial to time immemorial to help our memories to lead our lives.

As one climbs the staircase to go from the first story to the final of the 72 stories, one will find above the beautiful, bountiful and blissful Penthouse of us all.  May the energy of God and the blessing of Guru lead us to that height, to that elevation – which we call ‘ecstasy’. 

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