Expressing Gratitude and Keeping Up

April 27, 2021 |

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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Sebastian A. Salazar and I attended Miri Piri Academy from the years of 2012 to 2015. In this letter I wish to express my gratitude and support towards this school, that for years has not only been supportive of my endeavors, but also been an anchor for helping me through daily life after MPA. I will start this letter by expressing my support to all the staff. From the academic individuals such as professors and supervisors to the “MJ’s” that took care of us a parental figure and friends. I am also grateful to the directors of the school who looked after the logistics and made sure that our life at the school was an experience to remember through the years.

It is hard for me to express which experiences are the most significant and the most valuable in terms of personal development. I can only think of one thing that still goes with me every single day and it becomes my anchor for making my decisions through my career. Discipline is my north star and guides me through every decision that I make and tailors my life to a healthy, happy, and holy lifestyle. The early mornings, the constant cleaning and the regular formations are just exampling that MPA has given in order to induce discipline in students. MPA provided me with the necessary tools that I need in order to live a successful life. It taught me that to become a reverent person in life. 

A human being must be put in uncomfortable situations in order to triumph with the highest effectiveness. Apart from discipline, MPA has also introduced the concept of a longtime family of brothers and sisters. The school made sure that the bonding of people regardless of nationally was in effect. The experiences that were given, made people imprint in their mind that regardless of anything that happens, the friendships that were established in India, would last for generations to come. Although that is important, the crucial part of friendship in this school is that It generates a family regardless of the distance and cultural differences.

I am grateful to this school in many aspects and unfortunately, I cannot even express it in this letter since I am afraid that the page count will be infinite. I am most certain that the school is the place to go in order to find yourself and have long time friendships that will last forever. But most of all it will provide an inner system of consistency and discipline that will make you triumph in every aspect of life.


“The greatest mantra of the time is “Keep Up”.  Keep up and you will be kept up.  “Keep Up” is not a small mantra. If you ever want to know who you are and experience what you are and where you are, just keep up.  The world shall bow to you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan

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