God’s Man – The Yogi

July 26, 1989 |

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God’s Man – The Yogi – a Poem by Shakti Parwha Kaur

Written by M.S.S. Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa on July 26, 1989 and shared in the winter, 1989 Beads of Truth magazine

The Yogi sits in an oasis of compassion
Deep within himself alone and silent
While arrows of hate and destruction
Hurled in pain with wild abandon
Scar the outer rim of his fortress –
Outer walls he leaves open and vulnerable
So poison darts may not rebound to the sender.
He feels each sting and blesses
To heal the hurt that raised the arm in destructive reflex.
The Yogi sees with outer eyes closed
Tomorrow’s wonder and glory
His prayers keep today’s rampaging riot in bounds
Preserving the stage for the future’s story.
Some say he’s mad, impractical and vain
Try to destroy him again and again
But his ears cannot listen to slander and blame
Ears tuned to the Naad – he knows why he came.
The God’s man sits in an island of integrity
Seeing through eyes of infinite kindness
They myriad creatures placed in his care
Nurturing each soul, sparkling lights within
Seeking to wake them from false concept of sin.
Sixty years imprisoned in flesh
Frightened students’ prayers preventing
Sweet freedom of death
Life as a man offered in total surrender
To fulfill Yogi’s role as humanity’s mender.
Heart bleeding he never stops teaching
Hoping some of his words are reaching
Those special souls whose destiny calls
To shatter ignorance, melt past karma’s walls.
“On to victory, never retreat”
The Yogi’s battle-cry of Peace knows no defeat
The God’s man reflects the light of Guru Ram Das
Ego dissolved in the radiance of sacrifice
Giving all for his journey’s last mile
Enduring the unendurable with a smile
This Yogi is the beloved son of Guru Ram Das.

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