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May 27, 2023 |

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Breathe for Self-Healing

The participants of the “Week with HGRD” event will have the opportunity to join this special class which Gurubachan Singh has taught to thousands of people in his worldwide travels over the past two decades. The class will be streamed online, so the Global Sangat can participate as well.

Gurubachan Singh’s Bio

Gurubachan Singh had the rare opportunity of serving the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan for many years by traveling with him, cooking for him, hosting him daily in his home and in many more capacities.

For many years, Gurubachan Singh and his wife had a jewelry business which sourced beautiful jewels from around the globe and then created unique artistic jewelry designs.  The designed many gorgeous jewelry pieces for the Siri Singh Sahib Ji

With the blessing of his teacher, Gurubachan Singh spent nearly 20 years traveling to South America and China sharing the blessing of Guru Ram Das on his “Lord of Miracles” Tours.

Today Gurubachan Singh continues his global travels on behalf of his “Breathe Global” organization, which he created to provide selfless service in honor of Guru Ram Das, to inspire, uplift and bless humanity. The simple meditation and breathing techniques he shares help to invigorate your body and quiet your mind, so you can discover and experience your joy and vitality. You can view his online video classes on YouTube at Breathe Global Channel or follow him on Instagram at Tour Breathe Global

Over the years, Gurubachan Singh has served as a volunteer on the SDEI Board (which oversees Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India) and the Board of Directors for Akal Security.

Gurubachan Singh has a passion for feeding and hosting everyone he meets!  In recent years, Gurubachan Singh and his wife opened a very successful restaurant and catering company, “Mata G Vegetarian Kitchen” in New Mexico.

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