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November 2, 2023 |

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Antarjami Numerology

Antar Jami is the creation of Pritam Bhagwati to transmit and learn the Creative and Universal Language of numbers, through intuition and the process of self-knowledge. Understanding it as a complete and multidimensionally interconnected system.

Antar Jami enriches the wisdom of yoga, music, colors, and geometry. By knowing the language, we can decode the information it transmits to us and identify talents and challenges, traces of experiences from the past, which stops us from realizing and freeing ourselves.

The meditations and practices of Kundalini Yoga are the way to make the transformation, of what the numbers are revealing to us. To awaken inner power and release conditioning and beliefs that limit us.

Pritam Bhagwati makes personal consultations and organizes Antar Jami training every year – Tantric Numerology, also study groups and workshops. To use the Language of Numbers in the awakening of consciousness.

Visit her website to find out more Antar Jami Numerología con Pritam Bhagwati

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