I am a Khalsa Man

April 12, 2021 |

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Words from Livtar Singh, who wrote this song:

This can be sung by anyone, man or woman. It’s all in how you say it. Think of it like this: “Hey Man, I’m a Khalsa!” “I am a Khalsa, Man!”

Khalsa means “Pure”. It is not a religion. If you aspire to higher consciousness, this is for you.

This song came about as I was thinking about Guru Gobind Singh when he was all alone after his troops had been defeated, and his family wiped out.

I was imagining sitting in front of a fire in the wilderness with all crutches pulled out from under me. If there were a few of us sitting there, what would be a good song for that occasion. This is that song.


I am a Khalsa man, and I come from a long line
of givers saints and warriors, we don’t care about space and time
We live all of our lives for the moment we die
When the soul leaves the sea of pain and merges into the light

1. Guru Ram Das was a humble man
his infinite life was a finite plan
for us…….humility is the way
Every night when the sun went down,
he would go in the streets, kneel to the ground,
to wash the feet of those who came to pray.
For he was already gone
His head was the Guru’s all along


2. Forty men left their Guru behind, so they had to go back and
make it right , but they met their own treachery on the way
The dying men made a terrible sound
dust in the air and blood on the ground
but they were glad to pay
For they were already gone
Their heads were the Guru’s all along


3. Baba Deep Singh nearly 80 years old, when he took up the sword
and took on the load
to save the honor of our Golden Temple
(he said) All who wish may cross this line
We will die to the last man tryin’
the choice is simple.
For we are already gone
Our heads were the Guru’s along


M.S.S. Livtar Singh Khalsa
© 2020

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