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January 12, 2021 |

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What I’m a 100% Sure of
A Poem by Dr. Gurutrang Singh Khalsa
April 27, 2020

I’m a 100% sure he was right and bright
When I first met him at the lecture that July ’71 night
I’m a 100% sure he slapped my chest with delight – BAM!
And told me “Don’t worry. Everything’ll be all right”
And it was, and I AM!

I’m a 100% sure that he inspired,
“Get out of bed you little sleepy head
And go to sadhana like the Guru said.”
I’m a 100% sure he woke me up
So, I could sing “little buttercup”.

I’m a 100% sure he was always there
In his telephone chair, to help with our cares
I’m a 100% sure he said, “You’re a beautiful boy.”
And left an uncertain young man feeling more joy.

I’m a 100% sure he flew ‘round the world
A million hours to deliver the pearls
I’m a 100% sure I sat for White Tantric
As he collapsed on the stage absorbing our sickness

I’m a 100% sure he helped me clear my inner space
So, I could sing “Sat Nam the Grace”
I’m a 100% sure he showed me the way
And I sang “O Guru Ram Das thank you for this beautiful day.”

I’m a 100% sure he gave us the recipe
And we all “chugalugged a zillion mugs of that good old yogi tea.”
I’m a 100% sure I was that little messed up Baltimore kid
Yes, I’m a 100% sure about what Yogi Ji did

I’m a 100% sure when I’m thinking chiropractic college
He nodded “yes”, now I heal with The Guru’s touch,
and share the sacred knowledge
I’m a 100% sure he named me “Gurutrang” in meditation
Now I resound unto Infinity with The Guru’s vibration

I’m a 100% sure he received my French in-laws in Espanola
And told my wife, “They were the best 3HO parents he ever saw.”
I’m a 100% sure, he assured my parents-beaux
He would protect their daughter, get her enrolled in school,
and a find her a graceful home

I’m a 100% sure he requested a letter of consent
From her father, for our marriage, out of noble respect
I’m a 100% sure I attended many of his live teachings
And we listened, learned, and loved in his aura, far-reaching

I’m a 100% sure we had fun and birthday cake
With all our friends outside after class, and we all laughed and ate
I’m a 100% sure he said, “You know that French girl? She wants to get married.”
And he performed our Khalsa wedding, and took our families out,
to eat at the Golden Temple Restaurant in LA!

I’m a 100% sure he gave us a jovial “French” nickname
“Soo Soo Soo & Soo Soo Saw”, out of his fun and love it came
I’m a 100% sure when I adjusted his spine so easy
He rose-up and exclaimed, “you have really pleased me”.

I’m a 100% sure he said, “I gave you the sweetest boy”.
And I say with all devotion, our son is the most precious joy!
I’m a 100% sure when we left LA for DC
He put us in the able hands of Mukhia Singh Sahib Ji

I’m a 100% sure Mukhia Singh Sahib never failed
To keep us safe and secure, under the Guru’s sail
I’m a 100% sure when I am awake at night
I feel the Siri Singh Sahib’s love, and gentle, guiding light

I’m a 100% sure it’s Guru Ram Das Ji
Whose light we saw through him. Who’s else could it be?
I’m a 100% sure It’s Guru Gobind Singh’s too
The Light of Akal Purukh and Siri Guru

I’m a 100% sure, at a DC gurdwara long ago
I sat before Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and listened as he spoke
I’m a 100% sure, how it came so powerfully to me
How kind and innocent was Siri Singh Sahib Ji

I’m a 100% sure, although I was not always there
Every single connection with him, was a heavenly love affair
I’m a 100% sure, He even tickled me laughing too!
How can I forget the Siri Singh Sahib Ji, “I love you!”

Now I’m 0% sure, I must be fair,
I cannot say. I do not know. I was not there.
I’m 0% sure what these stories are all about
All I hear is gossip, rumor, hearsay, anger, and doubt

I’m 0% sure, but I’m not laying any blame
They can think what they want, and I’ll love them just the same
I pray for them with all my heart that they find healing from their pain
I’m just 0% sure, I cannot swear and please pardon me
I must ask myself sincerely, “Was I there to see?”

And the answer is, “no”. So, within I go,
To what I’m a 100% sure I know.
I’m a 100% sure, what I know for me
So, I’ll say a prayer of gratitude for my beloved teacher,
Siri Singh Sahib Ji

Sat Nam

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