December 1, 1989 |

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In His Presence – a Poem by Guru Darshan Kaur

Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa YogiJi… IN HIS PRESENCE

Written by Guru Darshan Kaur Khalsa and shared on page 43 of the winter, 1989 Beads of Truth magazine.

The day the Master called to me I faltered, unbelieving.
Please God, help me stand up. Who me? My heart was pounding.
He didn’t need to say a thing… God’s Light shone in his eyes.
Windows full of Love from Heaven, Bright as summer sunrise.
His eyes held mine softly, as a mother holds her child.
I stood before him, transfixed… And then, he just smiled.
Come in, my dear, and tell me the story of your life.
Kneel down here before me and heal your pain and strife.
His touch upon my forehead brought awesome blinding Light.
“Chant Waheguru,” he said to me, and gain eternal sight.
“Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru”, I chanted from my heart.
Wonderful God – Creator. Give me a brand-new start.
My hands reached up so gently and covered his with mine.
My heart was beating fiercely. Vibration shook my spine.
Tears of joy and ecstasy slid slowly down my face.
The gift he gave just by his touch Was Love, and Guru’s Grace.
In his presence, all is Light. In his presence, fear is gone.
In his presence, life is beautiful. Help me God, to carry on.
Go now, child, he told me, As I hugged him filled with awe.
The gift you have is healing…God’s plan is without flaw.
I’ve given all I can to you, He said in a quiet voice.
I am a very sick man. Use God’s Gift and rejoice.
He lay down on the floor, and I quickly left the room.
So much Love and Power…Embodied Light amidst the gloom.
O light of God that burns within, consume me now, I pray.
Strengthen me to sacrifice and walk the Guru’s way.
He brought the Path of Khalsa to the children in this land.
Now we must live to honor him. Sikh Dharma shall forever stand.

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